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Samsung Galaxy Note 22 series rumored to launch alongside S22
Samsung Galaxy Note 22 series rumored to launch alongside S22

Samsung has always been known for its note series of devices. The Galaxy Note 22 series is rumored to be released in the near future, and leaks have confirmed that it will launch alongside the S22 Ultra. Samsung’s note devices are famous for their stylus, which was removed from the Galaxy S22 model this year. Now a new leak takes that assumption and cranks it up to a whole new level: Samsung could release not one but two-note models at once!

According to popular Twitter leaker Chunvn8888, Samsung is changing things up a bit this time. The Galaxy S22 will remain as it is, while the Galaxy S22+ may be renamed the Galaxy S22 Pro. We’re left with the king of the hill, which we now know will be marketed as the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra.

Everyone in the business has been operating under the assumption that there will be a plain Galaxy S22, a Galaxy S22+, and a Galaxy S22 Ultra, similar to last year. Leaks have already emerged with matching trios of specs, such as display sizes and battery capacities, color options, and even fairly precise purported size comparisons to the iPhone 13. All of these, again, assuming a vanilla plus and an ultra.

Is Galaxy S22 going to be named as Galaxy Note 22 series?

There’s a lot of information to absorb there. To begin, if the Galaxy S22 Ultra is going to be called the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra, why wasn’t it mentioned at any point previously? It could either be a last-minute adjustment that is meant to catch everyone off guard or a misunderstanding between the leaker and his source.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra moniker implies that there is a regular Galaxy Note 22. Samsung isn’t likely to release four phones at once, especially with a semiconductor crisis raging. Perhaps “Galaxy S22 Ultra” is how Samsung employees refer to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The S22 Ultra will reportedly come with an S Pen and even a built-in pocket for it, just like a Galaxy Note. Some rumors were backed up by presumed renders, which is rather strange. Then reputable leaker OnLeaks revealed that the Galaxy S22+ images he had put on display were actually titled “S22 Pro,” implying that Samsung will upgrade this model in 2019 to the S22 Plus (Samsung’s name for the Galaxy Note 9). That’s certainly unexpected. Then comes reputable leakster OnLeaks, who claims that the fake Galaxy S22+ renders he had provided to the public were intended as “S22 Pro.” That’s quite odd.

That said, the existence of the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra appears to be in line with previous reports that stated Samsung would combine the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphone lines, bringing an embedded S-Pen silo along with it.

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