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Samsung is reportedly stopping the production of Galaxy Note at the end of the year
Samsung is reportedly stopping the production of Galaxy Note at the end of the year

What might Samsung’s plans be when the future of the Galaxy Note lineup is concerned? Following the rumors regarding Samsung‘s discontinuation of the Note series, along with the company not launching a Galaxy Note21 this year, mentioning the chip shortage, raise suspicions about the Note’s future. Declining sales likely played a key role, too.

The presence of a small yet loyal following doesn’t seem to be enough anymore, as Samsung now seems to have made up its mind on killing the handset. The smartphone giant is reported to be planning to stop production of all Galaxy Note models at the end of the year.

In addition to the stoppage, Samsung hasn’t supposedly included any new Note device in its annual smartphone lineup for 2022, as per ET News. The report also adds that Samsung would essentially be bringing the Note experience to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which might just be the spiritual successor to the Note20 Ultra.

The S22 Ultra has been leaked numerous times, with most recent photos displaying a boxy design and a slot for the S Pen. When the device is released, it will include all of Samsung’s Note-exclusive apps, which might be in February next year.

The report also states that the company is halting the production of the Galaxy Note lineup to boost the production of foldable devices. The move is expected to reduce production costs, improve efficiency while stabilizing the production of the Z Fold/Flip series. Samsung has supposedly set an annual shipment target of 13 million units of foldable, for 2022. These numbers are higher than the 12.7 million, 9.7 million Galaxy Note units that were shipped in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

The Galaxy Note lineup has been the company’s flagship device in the latter half of the year. This move might be the Samsung aiming to replace it with foldable devices, which despite carrying a higher price tag have been able to attract customers easily, thanks to the innovative form factor.

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