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Spotify is testing a cheaper $0.99 plan: Spotify Plus

Spotify is testing a cheaper $0.99 plan: Spotify Plus
Spotify is testing a cheaper $0.99 plan: Spotify Plus

Spotify is testing Spotify Plus, a cheaper $0.99 plan with added benefits that will be trialed in the United States over the next few months. Spotify Plus includes features of Spotify Premium for a fraction of the cost, with no ads and unlimited song skips per hour (as opposed to six on Spotify Free). Spotify hasn’t yet revealed if there are any other Spotify Plus exclusive features like higher bit-rate playback or song downloads.

This feature is first spotted by The Verge, and we are still unclear when will this plan come live to all users. But, (we know there is always but when something is very cheap) there is a catch. Spotify Plus users will still have ads in their account, and as of now, there is no clear information on how Spotify plans to implement these ads. Due to the low price of Spotify Plus and its perks, we are guessing ads will be played before a song plays.

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Though not perfect, the business-savvy Spotify has a solid offering with its new Plus tier. A new tier for people who either can’t afford Premium or just want more control of the platform should help it onboard more users.

What will you get with Spotify Free Plan that’s offered in Spotify Plus?

Spotify Free is a free, ad-supported tier with limited Spotify features. Users can listen to an unlimited amount of songs on Spotify Free for up to six hours per day through the quality of those “unlimited” songs will be lowered and ads are more frequent. With Spotify Plus or Premium, this restriction goes away: you’ll never have to worry about being interrupted by an advertisement again!

You can get premium music offline (downloads) with Spotify’s paid plans but not Spotify Free; it just has access to shuffle playlists like its peers Pandora Radio and Apple Music.

What won’t you get – If you want high-quality audio and no ads while listening to your favorite playlist, Spotify Premium is the way to go. Spotify Free comes with ads you cannot skip and will only allow for up to six hours of listening per day, whereas Spotify Plus or Spotify Premium is ad-free with no time restrictions.

In a move to better compete with the likes of Apple Music and Pandora, Spotify has announced that it is rolling out a new $0.99 tier called “Spotify Plus”. This lower-priced plan comes with all the benefits of Premium but for less money per month. The only downside? You won’t get access to any other exclusive features on this cheaper version.

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