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Why are Podcasts a huge thing for Apple and Spotify ?

Why are Podcasts a huge thing for Apple and Spotify ? HalfofThe
Why are Podcasts a huge thing for Apple and Spotify ? HalfofThe

Podcasts have been in the market for a long time and its popularity has be raising 20% every year . Mostly because its content can be downloaded and unlike radio you need not wait until a specific time to hear your favorite show. During pandemic it grabbed more audience as people love listening to stories or reviews while cooking, cleaning , driving, working or even for falling asleep!!

Apple has a podcast app that comes as the default app for its billions of users. But apple didn’t realize the potential of this app until recently. On the other hand, Spotify stole the show by understanding its potential and providing content creators with a good platform to showcase their content. Spotify has signed exclusive deals with popular shows and hosts, invested in podcast studios, and bought distribution platforms. This way every content creator can monetize their work by using advertising in between their shows just like YouTube.

Some interesting podcasts in Apple

Apple which has always been a dominant player in its field has decided to make money out of its podcast services. It is going to launch premium subscriptions which would allow the user to get extra or exclusive content. It is also improving the app’s usability by improving the search tab, giving easier access to charts and some good playback features. Apart from this apple does not have any strong strategy like Spotify and BTW Spotify is also providing these features.

But either way with the entry of Apple Spotify should brace itself for a tough competition.

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