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Spotify’s GreenRoom launched, A Clubhouse competitor

Spotify's GreenRoom launched, A Clubhouse competitor HalfofThe
Spotify's GreenRoom launched, A Clubhouse competitor HalfofThe

Spotify in its desperate attempt to make it quick to live audio market purchased Betty labs that developed Locker Rooms in March. Now, with minor changes to UI and name, Spotify’s Greenroom is launched today and users can have access to this new app using Spotify credentials. Greenroom allows users to create chat rooms and will let users have live conversations and turn them into podcasts.

Spotify’s Greenroom a competitor to Clubhouse:

If you are not aware, Greenroom is a direct competitor to Clubhouse, a live audio app that is being trended for few months. Even Facebook with Live Audio rooms and Twitter with Spaces launched into this live audio applications space. The clubhouse user base is growing day by day even though they’re only accepting invite-only applications, and to cash on this hype every other company is trying to jump into these live audio apps. Spotify, well known for its great audio streaming service is now entering into this market with Greenroom.

Greenroom is just a rebranded version of the Locker Room app, developed by Betty labs. Spotify even confirmed that current locker room users will see all the new changes with a single update to the app. Existing Spotify users can download the Greenroom application from today and use Spotify credentials to log in.

Users can create rooms, invite friends into groups and have live conversations and create those conversations as podcasts. Spotify is currently running Greenroom on the Locker room shell with no major changes, so users with experience in the Locker room app will not find any difficulties using Greenroom. Spotify mentioned that they will add more features in the future, that will integrate with Spotify features.

Greenroom today’s launch is more about announcing the new application and helping users to sign up for the application. Currently, when users log in to Greenroom they’ll be given a quick tour into the application, about how to create rooms and add new people. With future updates, Spotify integration will bring a lot of features to Greenroom.

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