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How to use Hide My Email in iOS 15? Easy guide

How to use Hide My Email in iOS 15? Easy guide
How to use Hide My Email in iOS 15? Easy guide

Giving out our email to websites and services, and instantly regret the decision, as all the spam emails in the form of daily promotions/newsletters are being sent to us. You can unsubscribe to each of these spam emails individually, however, that’s a tedious process, and come on who does time-taking tasks these days. 

Fortunately, if you are an iPhone user, the latest software update iOS 15 provides a way to fight these spam emails. It’s a new feature called Hide My Email. It allows you to create burner email addresses, which are anonymous email addresses that forward emails to your real email address so that you don’t get bombarded by spam emails. And your real email address can retain whatever privacy there is. 

However, there are two catches to be able to use this new Hide My Email feature. First, you need to have an iPhone that supports iOS 15, i.e., an iPhone 6s or later. Secondly, you have to be a paying subscriber to iCloud. If you don’t pay for iCloud then you, unfortunately, can’t take advantage of this new feature. 

How to create a burner email on your iPhone using Hide my email? 

  • Open the Settings app. 
  • Choose the tab at the top, this has your Apple ID name. 
  • Choose iCloud
  • Click on Hide My Email. 
  • Click on “+ Create New Address”. 
  • Now that it’s done, fill out the form for your burner email address. After it is created, it will forward emails to the email address that’s associated with your account. 

Do you want to get emails forwarded from a burner account to another email address? Follow the same steps as above, only once you select Hide My Email, scroll down and look for the Forward To option, then click it. 

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