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How to Turn Off Animations in Windows 11? Easy guide
How to Turn Off Animations in Windows 11? Easy guide

Windows 11 has animation effects that’ll slow down your PC by adding a slight delay to certain actions. So, knowing how to turn off Animations will make your life easier. Microsoft’s Windows 11 adds a shine to the OS with some GUI elements. It adds a new transparency and animation effect to the menus. But if you aren’t a fan of it, you can always disable transparency and animation effects on Windows 11, it’s easy to turn the animations off.

How to Turn Off Animations in Windows 11: Step-by-step guide

  • Open Windows Settings via the keyboard shortcut Windows + I. Or, you can just open Start, search for “Settings,” and then click on the icon.
  • When Settings opens, locate and select “Accessibility.” In Accessibility settings, click on “Visual Effects.”
  • In Visual Effects, toggle “Animation Effects” switch to Off.

That’s all there is to be done. The changes will be saved automatically. Close the Settings, then enjoy your new, snappier Windows experience! If you have a change of heart, you could just open Settings and again navigate to Accessibility > Visual Effects, then toggle the “Animation Effects” to “On.”

How to Turn Off Animations using Advanced System Settings?

  • Hit the Windows key and then type advanced system settings.
  • It’ll open the “System Properties” menu. Select the Advanced tab, then click on the Settings button in the “Performance” section.
  • Now toggle the “Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing,” to off you could also do this to other visual effects that are unnecessary. If you want them all off, check the “Adjust for best performance” option. 

Though there won’t be any cool effects, Windows 11 will run faster especially on machines with limited hardware resources.

How to turn off Animations in Windows 10?

If you did not upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 yet or do not have plans to update it in the future, we are happy to help with the Windows 10 animation issues too. To disable animations in Windows 10, you just need to navigate to Settings > Ease of Access. Toggle the switch beside “Show Animations in Windows” to turn the animations off.

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