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How to Set Default Apps on Windows 11? Easy steps
How to Set Default Apps on Windows 11? Easy steps

To set default apps on Windows 11 is straightforward and easy. While using Windows 11, the OS does keep track of which default apps open which types of files. For example, Notepad usually manages TXT files.  Changing default apps on previous versions was way straightforward when compared to changing default apps on Windows 10. Finally, on Windows 11, you require a few more clicks to do it.

However, now that you’re here, here’s how you change the default file associations in Settings. 

How to Find the Default Apps Menu?

  • Open Windows Settings by the keyboard shortcut Windows + I Or, you can right-click the Start button and select “Settings”.
  • In Windows 11 Settings, click on “Apps,” then select “Default Apps.”
  • Once you open the Default Apps screen, there will be several ways to change your default app settings. 

We’ll be going over two of them below. 

How to Set Default Apps on Windows 11 by File Type?

  • Open Settings > Apps > Default Apps, you can then see a text box that says “Enter a file type or link type.” 
  • Select that box and type in the name of the file extension that you want to associate with an app.
  • For example, “.txt” is for text files, or “.jpg” is for JPEG images. 
  • If the extension you typed isn’t registered, then you’ll see a button that says “Choose a Default” that will allow you to set a default app.
  • If you typed a known extension, you’ll see the app that the extension is currently associated with below the text entry box. 
  • To change the association, click on the app box that appears.
  • A pop-up will query you on “How do you want to open files from now on?”, select the app that you want, and then click on OK.
  • Select an app from the provided list and then click “OK.”
  • After this, the file type that you modified will open with the app that you selected. 
  • You will be able to change it back at any time, by opening Settings > Apps > Default Apps.

How to Choose Defaults by App?

On the Default Apps screen, you’ll be able to see a list of installed apps. Locate the app which you want to change defaults. On the details screen for the app that you choose, scroll down and select the file type that you’d like to associate with a different program. When Setup asks you which program you want to open the file with, search the list, select the app that you want, and then select “OK.” After this, the file association will change. 

If you don’t want to do all of that you could follow-

How to Change File Associations by opening a File?

  • Locate the file of the type that you want to re-associate with a different program on your desktop. 
  • Right-click the file and then click on “Open With,” then click on “Choose Another App” from the drop-down menu.
  • Check the box beside which says “Always use this app to open files.” Then, select “OK.” 

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