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Reddit could be considered the home to the internet’s anonymous discussions on a variety of topics as well as interests. Thanks to the cloak of anonymity provided by Reddit, users are free to say whatever they want, which is not always a good thing.  

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts?  
How to See Deleted Reddit Posts?  

When a post or comment is against a subreddit’s rules, they are deleted using an either bot or human moderators. Reddit users can also delete their own posts as well as comments. However, you might’ve wondered if those deleted items are gone forever. What if you are curious to read a deleted post or comment? You have the ability to, with the help of certain websites & browser extensions, which are listed below.  

1. Unddit  

Unddit is the successor to Removeddit,  as per the website, Unddit retrieves content from Pushshift.io, which stores Reddit comments in a database. It is the same database that Reveddit fetches comments from.  

Unddit has the ability to show all bot-, mod-, as well as user-deleted comments. Deleted comments in a red box are the ones deleted by bots or mods, and the comments in a blue box are the ones deleted by users.  

How to view deleted comments using Unddit?  

  • Visit Unddit.  
  • Here, drag the red “Unddit” bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar.  
  • Make your way to the Reddit post containing the deleted comments that you wish to view, then click on the “Unddit” bookmarklet.  
  • On the archived page, you will be able to view deleted comments that were archived.  

2. Reveddit  

Reveddit allows its users to track and view deleted Reddit posts as well as comments. However, it only has the ability to show content deleted by bots and mods, and not user-deleted content. Users can install Reveddit’s browser extension called “reveddit real-time” to receive notifications when their content is removed.  

How to view deleted Reddit posts and comments using Reveddit?  

  • Visit Reveddit.  
  • Copy the relevant username, subreddit, or even the post link, paste it in the designated field, then click on “go.”  
  • Scroll through the archived page to see comments. Reveddit shows the users if bots or mods deleted them.  
  • If the comment was deleted before Reveddit’s archival, you can click on the blue “Restore” button to search for it. You can click the button multiple times until the content you wish to see appears.  

3. Wayback Machine  

Wayback Machine saves copies of web pages, it is a simple tool that lets users view deleted Reddit posts as well as comments if they were taken down after Wayback Machine archived them.  

How to see deleted Reddit posts using Wayback Machine?  

  • Visit Wayback Machine.  
  • Copy the Reddit post URL that contains the content you wish to retrieve.  
  • Paste it into the Wayback Machine search bar, then click on the “Browse History” button. Or, you can just hit the Enter key.  
  • The results page will show how many times the web page was saved as well as when it was saved. Make sure you select older dates to find the deleted content you’re searching for.  
  • Clicking on any of the dates will lead you to a saved version of the Reddit post for the selected day.  

4. Resavr  

It could be said that Resavr is the least powerful tool on this list. It is not as strong as Unddit or the others because it only allows its users to view deleted Reddit comments and not the posts. This website is only recommended if you have exhausted the first three means and failed to find what you are searching for.  

The only advantage Resavr has is the “Recent Comments” section, which contains the most recently deleted Reddit comments. It is useful if you’re casually browsing for recent comments.  

How to view deleted comments with Resavr?  

  • Visit Resavr.  
  • Use the search bar to type keywords related to the deleted comment, then click on the search button. Or, just press the Enter key.  
  • Skim through the results page till you locate the deleted comment you were searching for.  
  • Clicking on any of the links should lead you to a page with the full contents of the comment that was deleted.  

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Deleted Posts on Reddit  

Is such archiving of Reddit content even legal?  

All the archived posts as well as comments, whether deleted or not, were made publicly available by whoever wrote and posted them. This means that they were put up for public consumption, which was known to the user, which was then archived by databases these tools fetch content from.  

Simply put, this kind of archiving of Reddit content is legal, as long as it was legally obtained by these tools. There should not be any legal implications with viewing deleted Reddit posts as well as comments.  

However, say an individual were to use these deleted posts or comments, or any deleted content to defame or blackmail another person, then legal implications may arise.  

Can you “undelete” or restore your deleted posts and comments?  

You cannot “undelete” Reddit posts and comments that you deleted yourself because Reddit does not provide its users a restore option. You only have the ability to view their archived versions using the tools we mentioned above.  

How can you delete your own Reddit data securely to prevent it so that it is inaccessible even using these archiving tools?  

According to the people behind Unddit as well as Reveddit, if a user wishes the archived content they authored to be removed, they should contact and request deletion from Pushshift.io. Which is an external service they use to fetch archived Reddit content from.  

Unfortunately, there is no way you can prevent your individual Reddit posts and comments from being archived. Archiving depends on the moderators of each subreddit, they have the ability to choose to archive or unarchive all posts and not individual posts within the subreddit. If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), leave a comment below or share it with friends, so they can also know How to See Deleted Reddit Posts? 

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