Tuesday, December 5

Major Websites briefly down due to the outage

Amazon, Twitch, Reddit were briefly down due to an outage at Fastly HalfofThe
Amazon, Twitch, Reddit were briefly down due to an outage at Fastly HalfofThe

On Tuesday morning, the websites of Amazon, Twitch, Reddit, and many other major companies went offline due to an outage at Fastly, the cloud service provider. Users faced 503 Service Unavailable errors through the morning. 

At 5:58 am ET Fastly updated their service status  “We’re currently investigating potential impact to performance with our CDN services.” Soon after their statement, reports emerged of news publications like the New York Times, BCC being offline.

This issue soon started taking a global turn, crippling the internet. Users all around the globe were getting 503 errors, and given how fragile the digital supply chain of our world is, an outage like this might cause economic damages.

At 6:44 am ET, Fastly Update their service status again stating “The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.” At 6:57 am ET, “The issue has been identified and a fix has been applied. Customers may experience increased origin load as global services return.”

What is Fastly?

Fastly is an American based cloud computing service provider found in 2011. It enables developers to bridge the gap between core cloud infrastructure and their users.

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