Monday, December 4

Apple devices come with 5GB of free iCloud storage, this storage is normally for backing up the important data to other apple devices, but as the complexity and capacity of phones are increasing, there is an increase in the requirement of higher iCloud storage options that would help the customers to back up multiple files without any inhibitions. You can increase the apple iCloud storage by subscribing for more iCloud storage, we have come up with a step-by-step description on how you can subscribe for more iCloud storage.

How to increase iCloud storage in iPhone?
How to increase iCloud storage in iPhone?

The different storage options that are available for the customers

• 5Gb plan is the default subscription plan that is set as the base plan for all iPhones. You can choose this option to downgrade to the basic plan.

• 50GB plan I an option that is available for $0.99per month and, this option is plenty for those who use their storage wisely.

• 200GB option available for $2.99per month which is the perfect plan to share data in the family.

• 2TB is the last and the biggest plan which costs $9.99per month, this is best for a small development or a small start-up where you can share or transfer large files in the company chain.

How to increase iCloud storage?

  1. Go to the settings application.
  2. Select your account option available in the menu.
  3. Tap on the iCloud option in the menu, tap on the ‘manage storage’ option, and if your device has iOS 12 or below then you need to tap on the storage option.
  4. If you don’t have an iCloud storage subscription you need to select the “Buy more storage” option. If you are already using the storage subscription you can opt for a more storage plan from the given menu.
  5. After choosing the required storage plan and tapping on ‘buy’, you will be required to enter the apple account credentials to complete the transaction.

This is how you change your apple iCloud storage subscription to a higher plane, the advantage of having more storage is that you can create a link where you can share multiple large files to your colleagues or your family members, and if you are starting a company and are in need for high storage options then the iCloud storage subscription is the best option that you will get.