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If you have a Google account, you automatically have free access and can use the Google Calendar. However, opening the website to check your calendar does not feel like the optimal way. If you spend your workday on a desktop or laptop computer, there are obvious benefits of being able to launch an app to check your upcoming events. There are three main ways you could get Google Calendar on your Mac:

How to Get Google Calendar on Mac?
How to Get Google Calendar on Mac?
  • Downloading Shift
  • Creating a shortcut to Google Calendar
  • Using a separate desktop calendar client

How to get Google Calendar on Mac?

The easiest way for you to get Google Calendar on your Mac is to download Shift for Mac. You can set up Shift so that you can easily access your various Google apps, including multiple login instances, directly on the Mac.

Shift provides an easy way to access Google Calendar as well as your other favorite apps. Everything you need to work throughout the day can be kept in one place, with icons lined up side by side.

  • To get Google Calendar on your Mac, first download Shift, then open the app:
  • Locate the Plus sign in the left toolbar, then click on it.
  • You will be able to see some options. Select an Add Account.
  • Input your Gmail address, then click on Add.
  • Click on Done.

As you are a Mac user, you already have a desktop email client built into your operating system. You have the ability to sync Google Calendar with your Apple Calendar account to then check your calendar directly from your desktop.

There are a few steps to sync your Google Calendar and Apple Calendar:

  • First, visit System Preferences and click on Internet accounts.
  • Look at the accounts listed on the left to see if the calendar is already there, if it is not, click on Google, then sign into the Google account associated with the calendar you wish to sync.
  • Check Calendar in the list of accounts you wish to enable.
  • When you visit the Apple Calendar, your Google Calendar will be listed on the left, with all your events displayed. If you ever wish to toggle the calendar off, you can just uncheck it.

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