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How to Discover New Music on Spotify?

How to Discover New Music on Spotify?
How to Discover New Music on Spotify?

One of the most powerful features of music apps might be “Discover new music on Spotify“, which helps you find great songs that you haven’t heard yet. You want to discover new music on the streaming service but aren’t able to figure it how, well this article will help you do exactly that.

What are Spotify’s Discovery Features?

Aside from having shareable playlists, Spotify has a ton of ways of directly recommending music. Spotify has extensive data on all the music that you’ve listened to along with what other users listen to. Spotify provides a robust set of discovery tools that helps find new songs or genres. The discovery features include personalized playlists such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar, along with suggestions for songs to add to your existing playlists. These keep changing depending upon your listening habits/selected songs.

What is Discover New Music on Spotify Weekly?

Start of every week, you’ll be able to spot a playlist filled with 30 tracks that you never listened to before on the platform. These tracks are custom-tailored, they are based on what you’ve been listening to over the past week. Many smaller artists are also featured in these playlists, providing a fresh flavor.

What is Release Radar?

Release Radar is a dynamic playlist that populates itself based on listening habits. The playlist is updated with 30 brand-new songs from artists that you’re currently following. OR new music from artists that you might not have listened to. This playlist exclusively features tracks that are released within the last seven days.

Playlist Suggestions- creates dynamic suggestions for what tracks can be added to a playlist based on the playlist title as well as the songs already in it. Press the “+” button to add the suggested songs.

Spotify “Radios”– find the radio in the additional options button on each song, album, or artist.

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