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Can two people listen to a Spotify account simultaneously? Yes, and here's how to do it
Can two people listen to a Spotify account simultaneously? Yes, and here’s how to do it

Being able to share your favorite song on Spotify with someone is always nice. However, do two people have the ability to listen to one Spotify account simultaneously? Yes. This article will show you how you can listen together on Spotify in real-time in a way that doesn’t require you to buy a Spotify Family Plan. OR. Be in the same place.

Do I have the ability to Listen to one Spotify account with a Friend at the Same Time?

Yes, two people have the ability to listen to Spotify simultaneously.

The Spotify Group Session is a beta feature for collaborative listening. Groups of 2 to 5 people can start listening to a song. OR. They can listen to a playlist on one device or their own devices.

  • Open Spotify, then start playing a song, a playlist, or a podcast.
  • Tap on Connect at the bottom.
  • Tap on Start Session under Start a Group Session.
  • Tap on Invite friends. Spotify grants you three ways to send the invitation link:
  • You can share with any messaging app like WhatsApp.
  • You can copy the link to send it via any other medium like email.
  • Or, you can allow friends to scan the QR invite codes using their phone’s camera.
  • If you want to exit the group session, tap on End Session if you are the host. As a guest, tap on Leave Session to remove yourself from a Group Session.

While you are listening to Spotify simultaneously, both the hosts and guests can control the song or the playlist. It works like any individual session. Host & guests can pause, play, skip, also select tracks to listen to. Anyone has the ability to add songs to the queue as usual. Any change will be shown on all grouped devices.

Do You have to have a Spotify Premium to Share Your Account with Another Person?

Yes, you do require Spotify Premium, as Spotify Group Sessions is a Premium-only feature. Only listeners with a Premium account can be part of the session, only they can control the playback. All users must be on the mobile/tablet apps as it’s not available on the Spotify desktop app. It’s also not available for the web player.

As the feature is currently in Beta, Spotify may modify it in the future.

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