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How can you Get Spotify Premium Cheap as a Student?
How can you Get Spotify Premium Cheap as a Student?

In a recent article, we wrote on how to get Spotify Premium, to avoid the abundance of ads, and to just enjoy the music. We had mentioned how you could snatch a cheaper Spotify premium deal if you were a student. This article will shed more light on how exactly do you do it, and what are the requirements. 

What exactly is Spotify Premium Student?

Spotify Premium Student is a discount for students, that provides a 1-month free trial and a discounted monthly subscription price of $4.99, which will usually cost $9.99. Students get to access all the perks of Spotify Premium, including ad-free music listening of millions of songs, offline listening, and many more. 

Who Is Eligible and How are you Verified?

The offer stands for every student who is 18 and above and is currently enrolled in an accredited higher education institution. Spotify will ask you for information to verify that you are qualified for the promo. You will be required to provide your name, college, or university you are enrolled in, date of birth, email address, payment details, along with the documents that can confirm your student status. 

There are two options for getting verified

  • You can log in to your school’s student portal 


  • Submit a document as proof. 

Spotify uses the third-party services of SheerID, Inc. to process your documents and information to confirm your eligibility. You’ll be asked to provide school-issued documents issued to you within the past three months. Your chosen document should show that you are currently enrolled in a university/college. SheerID will look for the information given below:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your school’s name
  • Issue date (it should fall within the current academic term or at least within the last three months)

You can upload your official enrollment letter, your current academic terms’ class schedule, tuition fee or registration receipt, or other documents that have the required details. If you’re verified, you’ll receive the monthly subscription to Spotify Premium for up to 12 consecutive months at the discount price. 

How to Sign Up for the Spotify Premium Student?

  • Go to Spotify Premium Student.
  • Click on Get Started > Next.
  • Fill in the information. Make sure that the details you put here are the same as your school records. Your email does not have to be your university one. Once done, click on Next.
  • If your school has a student portal, you can log in to the portal to verify your information. Select Log in to school.
  • Or else, you can upload your documents for verification; click on Choose File. Once you select a file, you can click on Add another file to add a different document.
  • Wait for the verification, then proceed to payment.

How can you Renew Your Spotify Premium Student Discount?

  • Go to your account page.
  • Scroll down, then click on Change plan.
  • Choose Premium Student, then repeat the verification process.

What Happens When You’re not a student anymore?

You’ll have access to Spotify Premium Student for up to 12 months after your subscription/re-verification. However, if you’re no longer a student when the period ends, you’ll no longer be eligible and you’ll be switched to the basic plan. 

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