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How to Transfer Spotify Playlists to a New Account?

Spotify is an excellent platform for finding new music and listening to your favorite artists. It’s also a great way to share your playlists with others. But what if you are looking to transfer Spotify playlists from one account to another, we gathered some best ways out there to do it.

How to Transfer Spotify Playlists to a New Account?
How to Transfer Spotify Playlists to a New Account?

Spotify is a great platform for streaming music, also serves as a reminder of our worst music tastes. As you keep using Spotify, it builds data on your streaming habits. It uses the data collected to create personalized playlists, depending on our stream history. Is it time to transfer your preferred Spotify playlists over to a new account? You can manually move songs over, or use online tools to transfer playlists.

How to manually transfer Spotify playlists to a New Spotify Account?

Spotify doesn’t have a simple method for transferring playlists. If you’re looking to copy songs over to a new account, it has to be done manually for each playlist. The best way to do this is to use the Spotify app on Windows/Mac.

How to share Playlists Between Spotify Accounts?

  • Open the app (old account) and right-click one of the playlists that have to be copied. From the menu, click on the Collaborative Playlist option. This provides your new account access to view and makes changes to the playlists. 
  • Once the playlist status is changed, right-click the playlist, then Share > Copy Spotify URI.
  • After doing this, sign out of Spotify.
  • Once you’ve signed out, sign in once more using your new account credentials. Paste the copied Spotify URL value in the search bar, then press the enter key.
  • The playlist will appear, you’ll also have the controls to play, edit, or remove the saved music within. To save it to the new account, click on the three-dots menu icon next to the Play button. From the menu, click on the Save to Your Library option.
  • This’ll provide permanent access to your playlist. What has to be noted is that your new account won’t be the owner of the playlist.

How to copy Playlists Between Spotify Accounts?

  • You can create a new playlist and copy the songs from the old playlists. This will provide the new account full control over the playlist.
  • Select the songs you want to be copied from the playlist you shared following the steps above. You can do this by holding the Shift key on your keyboard, then select the first and last items in the playlist to select all of them.
  • Once the songs are selected, right-click the selected songs and click on Add to Playlist > New Playlist.
  • This will create a new playlist for the selected songs. Once the new playlist has taken form, you can remove the old playlist by selecting the Remove from Your Library option. 
  • When the pop-up menu appears; press Remove to confirm.
  • Repeat these steps for each playlist.

How do you use Playlist Transfer Tools to Copy Spotify Playlists to a New Account?

Manual methods are time taking, depending upon the number of playlists. If you’d rather fancy a speedy process, you can use online playlist transfer tools. The uncomplicated way is to use SpotMyBackup.

How to create a Spotify Playlist Backup Using SpotMyBackup?

  • Navigate to the SpotMyBackup website, then sign in by pressing the Login with Spotify button. 
  • You’ll have to authorize SpotMyBackup’s access to your Spotify account. This is perfectly safe, but if you’re skeptical, you can always remove this access later. 
  • As the pop-up Spotify window appears, sign in with your old user account. Then click on Agree to provide the correct access.
  • After authorization, SpotMyBackup will collate the songs, artists, and playlists you have saved. After the process is complete, press the Export option to download the backup file.
  • The backup file will contain a list of the songs, playlists along with data from your previous account. 

How to import a Spotify Playlist Backup Using SpotMyBackup?

  • After downloading the backup file, refresh the page and press Login with Spotify, this time use your new account’s credentials.
  • Repeat the access granting process. 
  • After the access is granted, SpotMyBackup will begin to scan your new account. Click on the Import option once this process is finished, select your saved JSON backup file to upload.
  • Click on the Choose file option to upload the backup file.
  • SpotMyBackup will copy the songs, playlists, and other saved data to the new account automatically. These will appear in your account after the process is finished.

How to Remove SpotMyBackup Access?

  • After your transfer is completed, you can remove SpotMyBackup’s access.
  • Head to the Spotify account overview page. 
  • In the Apps section, click the Remote Access option next to the SpotMyBackup listing.

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