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How to fix Spotify web player? 6 easy steps

How to fix Spotify web player? 6 easy steps
How to fix Spotify web player? 6 easy steps

The Spotify web player is an excellent way to enjoy your music when you’re not at home. However, there are times when the app stops working, and you can’t play any songs. Fortunately, this problem has a few quick fixes that can help you get back up and running in no time.

It’s a pain when your Spotify goes down in the middle of a jam session when you’re all pumped and raring to go. We’ll show you how to have your Spotify web start up again.

6 steps to fix Spotify web player

1.  Sign out of everything

If your web player stops working, you must sign out of all of your devices. This is especially crucial if you have many devices using your account at the same time. You may accomplish this by going to profile>account and selecting sign out everywhere.

2.  Clear your browser cache and cookies

Because browser websites tend to become unstable as they are filled with data, you can avoid this by going to settings>history and then clicking on browsing history. This approach aids the browser in performing more accurately. 

3.  Allow sites to play protected media

When you see the “Playback of protected content is not enabled” message while using the Spotify web player, go to your browser settings and follow these procedures:

  • Go to privacy and security>site settings.
  • Select the option “sites can ask to play protected content”. Give permission to the web player such that it can enable this option.

4.  Check your browser extensions

There’s a chance the browser plugin is blocking the web player from operating correctly. You can test the web player in private mode to see if that solves the problem with your browser plugins and then clear all of them using the settings option before troubleshooting any further.

5.  Changing the location

The problem might be with the supplied location in the web application. To change the web application’s location, go to profile>edit profile and choose a country from the drop-down menu.

6.  Install the Spotify desktop app

If none of the above procedures have worked, there is one last option: downloading the desktop program. It’s an upgrade from the web application since you don’t need to search for Spotify among numerous windows, and it uses less memory.

These are the tried-and-true solution for when you’re having trouble with your Spotify website.

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