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How to cancel Netflix Subscription?

How to cancel Netflix Subscription?
How to cancel Netflix Subscription?

If you are here to know How to cancel Netflix subscription, let me make it clear that canceling your Netflix subscription is easy, although few details should be known first. It might help in reducing the monthly subscriptions, you pay for, especially if you’ve found yourself watching another streaming service. (Like Disney Plus, leaving Netflix untouched). There are a few things you need to keep in mind when ending your subscription, don’t worry we got you.

How to cancel Netflix subscription with a few taps?

To cancel the subscription, visit the sign-in using the email address and password. After you’ve signed in, you’ll have two options. Despite the account being canceled, it can still be used until the next billing date or can be downgraded to save some money each month. 

For Streaming plans: click on the Cancel Membership button on your Account page.

For DVD plans: click on the cancel your DVD plan on your Account page.

How to delete your Netflix Account?

This process finishes the cancelation of your subscription; however, your account isn’t deleted yet.

Even after canceling your account, Netflix will keep all information linked to your account for 10 months.  To help you in case you decided to re-subscribe, your viewing history, and account profiles and favorites will still be there.

Yet, if you want the personal data deleted prior to the end of the 10-month period, you’ll need to follow an extra step. 

You’d need to write a mail to “[email protected]” using the email address that’s registered with your Netflix account. Netflix won’t accept requests from a different email address that references the email linked to your account. It has to be from the registered address. 

You better change your password after canceling the subscription, if you happened to share your password with anyone else so that they don’t restart the subscription all over again. If you liked the article (or if it helped at all), leave a comment below or share it with friends, so they can know about how to cancel Netflix Subscription.

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