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How to access Computers Remotely Using Chrome Remote Desktop?
How to access Computers Remotely Using Chrome Remote Desktop?

Google Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access your computer remotely from any other device, anywhere in the world. This means that if you are at home and need to work on a document, but forgot your laptop or can’t get to it for some reason, you can easily log into the desktop of your computer using Google Chrome.

We all carry smartphones using which can manage our work, but sometimes we need our PC. Or maybe you want to help your friends with technical matters or get access to a file. How can we access a computer remotely? You can take the help of applications to help you to get access to remote PCs. Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the most popular applications which can help you connect with other computers easily. 

This article will help you access Your Computer Remotely Using Chrome Remote Desktop.

Step 1- Install Chrome Remote Desktop on the required computers

  • Navigate to remotedesktop.google.com/access, in chrome. 
  • Under Set up remote access, click on Download.
  • This will open the Chrome Remote Desktop extension area, select “Add to Chrome “.
  • A dialog box will ask for confirmation Click on Add extension to confirm.

Step 2 – Set up Chrome Remote Desktop on the Computers

  • After the installation of the Extension is finished, navigate to Remote Access.
  • Click on the Turn On button under Set up remote access.
  • Under Remote Access, type the required name
  • Now you need to set a 6-digit PIN which you will use to connect to this computer remotely. Type your new PIN then re-type to confirm it, then click on START.
  • Next, Grant permissions to Chrome Remote Desktop. You can spot that the remote access with the name is created.

Step 3 – Sharing Computer Access with another Computer

  • Switch to the Remote Support tab, then click on GENERATE CODE Under “Get Support”.
  • You will be able to see a unique 12-digit code. Note down the above 12-digit code.
  • Share the code with the person with whom you want to remotely access your computer.  

Step 4 – Remotely Access Host Computer

  • On your other computer, open Chrome and navigate to remotedesktop.google.com/support
  • Switch to the Remote Support tab then under “Give Support”, then type the “Access code” which you wrote down.
  • After the remote computer provides access, you will now be able to access the computer remotely.
  • After you establish the connection, you will be able to access the host computer desktop on your PC.
  • On the right of the Chrome window, you can spot an arrow, click on the blue arrow. It will display session options using which can be used to adjust the screen size, clipboard synchronization.
  • If you want to disconnect, then all you need to do is click on Disconnect.
  • The remote computer also has the ability to terminate the connection by clicking on the Stop Sharing button.

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