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What to Expect in Upcoming Apple Event 2021?
What to Expect in Upcoming Apple Event 2021?

What can we expect from the upcoming Apple Event 2021? A lot of things, actually. Apple is set to unveil its latest product developments at the upcoming event in 2021. The company has been tight-lipped about what exactly will be unveiled, but there are a few things we can expect from Apple this year. Every year Apple’s fall product showcase which is the biggest tech event is around the corner, but the exact date of the event is yet to announce.

Some leaks and predictions have been spread that may be in weeks leading to this big event. This is Apple’s traditional event which the company is conducting every year in September. This event unveils the new products that are going to be launched for iPhones, iWatch, iPad, AirPods, and MacBooks. There are some more interesting changes also coming up this year as per the company update.

Here is the list of products to be launched during upcoming Apple event 2021

iPad mini 6

It is expected that Apple is going to show up the updated iPad Mini by changing its design and processor. This iPad Mini 6 is expected to be an 8.5-inch display by replacing the Home button with a Touch ID built into the power button. This iPad Mini resembles the iPad Air 4 with rounded corners, flat sides, and rugged camera bump. The charger connector is also expected to be Lightning to USB-C like other iPads. The upcoming iPad Mini looks updated with new designs and features compared to the old iPad. Expectations on the sales for this iPad are very high.

AirPods 3

We have seen AirPods and AirPods Pro. Now Apple is going to release its new addition of AirPods which is AirPods 3. This would be the updated version of the AirPods with wireless earbuds and the design is also expected to be premium. There are some additional features in this AirPods 3 like touch controls and perceptual audio support. But the question is Apple is lacking a Noise Cancellation feature so will the prices will be at the lower point? You will need to wait until the tech event is completed.

Apple Watch Series 7

It is rumored that the Apple Watch Series 7 is redesigned and is yet to arrive next month. The features and design are updated with flat-edge and smaller bezels, batter life also might be improved and with other updated health features. The expectation is that the price would be the same as Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy Watch 4.

iPhone 13

Every year Apple is launching its new iPhones. Likely this year a new iPhone 13 is due for launch. As with every other model, iPhone 13 also will be released in 4 models 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. The design would be the same as iPhone 12, but the update in the features are expected. Apple 13 comes up with faster 5G networking, an A15 processor, battery improvements, and a better camera.

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