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You might’ve said to one of your Samsung-using friends, that if Apple wants it can buy Samsung during a heated Android vs iOS battle. Would that be possible? Can Apple buy Samsung? Why doesn’t Apple buy Samsung? Apple and Samsung are two fierce competitors in the smartphone market, their flagships are always compared to each other, often trying to outperform each other, and both make popular tablets and laptops, as well. 

Apple buy Samsung
Why doesn’t Apple buy Samsung?

Why doesn’t Apple buy Samsung?

You might wonder why does this question arise, maybe because of the connections among them, for example, Samsung creates displays for Apple devices like the iPhone.  They have a shared history, the two companies in fact worked as supply chain partners. Samsung was Apple’s biggest supplier (A9 chipsets for iPhone 6s, as well as 6s Plus, being one of them) which had placed Apple as Samsung’s important customer, Apple contributed a sizeable part of Samsungs revenue from component sales. 

Samsung and Apple have been in a business relationship from 2008, since the beginning of the relation, Apple has been one of Samsung’s biggest clients. It can be argued that a possible reason Apple could consider buying Samsung is to reduce production costs. To which you could also counter-argue that, it would cost less to continue buying from Samsung, than buying Samsung as a whole.

When you compare sheer numbers, yes, Apple is ridiculously wealthy, Apple has a staggering market cap of $2.426 Trillion, whereas Samsung has $253.42 Billion. If you look at it from purely numbers and money perspective, Apple could buy Samsung, however, that’s not how things are, as there are always intangibles. 

Buying Samsung would not be an easy task, even if it was just from a financial standpoint, however, that isn’t the only factor that works against a possible purchase. Samsung is not just a company, it is South Korea’s heart, if there ever is to be a chance of Apple buying Samsung, Apple would have to first take over the whole country first.  

If you ask me why doesn’t Apple buy Samsung, it’s because it just can’t, as it is not just a matter of a company, it’s the country’s pride. To be honest, this is more of a fun exercise it is an introspective article, so feel free to share your views down below. Do you think Apple could ever buy Samsung? comment below. 

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