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As the technology around us develops at a rapid speed to the extent where we can’t keep up, so did the way we send messages and the type of slang we use. Often, we use short forms to indicate certain messages like gn for goodnight or ttyl for talk to you later, these short forms have also made great progress in the timeline of messaging and social media. Sometimes these can be very confusing to comprehend and here we will be addressing the totality of one such acronym that is, what a DTB means while one is texting.

What Does DTB Mean When Texting?
What Does DTB Mean When Texting?

What is DTB ?

Starting off, DTB means ‘Don’t text back. Usually, this acronym is used when someone wants the other person whom they’re communicating with to refrain from texting back. It might sound as coming off rude but essentially this acronym is used for varying purposes. It can range from wanting to keep the conversation minimal for a while or for formal reasons where one needn’t reply. For example, if one wishes to end the conversation because of certain circumstances, this acronym can be used. Also, if there is a formal email being circulated, this acronym might help in preventing the pile-up of replies.

When should one use DTB?

Any social media is appropriate enough to use the DTB acronym and often it is used while texting. One can use DTB when they feel that they’re too busy and do not wish to be disturbed or even in cases where one finds themselves unable to reply to any text.  It can be used anytime and DTB does not necessarily come out as being rude but rather where one is more assertive and wants to put their priorities first. For example, if one finds themselves occupied with any meeting or with family and friends or wishes to spend some alone time without any obstructions, DTB always comes in handy. So, in a nutshell, if you do not want to be disturbed at all costs, use DTB.

On a safer side

DTB is very much effective in preventing a load of messages at once and stopping any or all messages when you do not want to be disturbed. Although DTB can be used in the right amounts and is always considered to be the best way to let someone know about space and boundaries, one can make sure that it is being used in circles that are aware of such acronyms and in groups that one is comfortable in without causing any misconceptions. For example, using DTB in extremely formal conversations with superiors might sound as if one is rude, and using the same with let us say, your grandmother might not work out well as they probably aren’t aware of the same.

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