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Has someone left you an essential message via voicemail? But you don’t know how to access it? I mean, sure you could click on the voicemail notification to access it, however, what to do if you accidentally swipe that notification away? There are 3 ways to check your voicemail on your Android device. 

How to Check Voicemail on Android?
How to Check Voicemail on Android?

How to check voicemail on Android by calling in?

Probably the easiest as well as the oldest way to check your voicemail on Android devices is to call the voicemail service. Open the Phone app, then open the dial pad on the device, and tap and hold the number 1 to automatically dial the voicemail service.

Few smartphones have a little voicemail icon underneath the 1 to indicate that it is the number you use to access the voicemail service. Say you don’t see that icon, holding down the number 1 will get you to the mailbox.

If you have set up your voicemail service, you will be required to enter your PIN in order to hear and manage the voicemails. 

If your phone is somehow not accessible or if your phone died but you need to check the voicemail, you can easily do so from another phone. First, dial your own phone number from a phone, then wait for the “Please leave a message” recording. After you hear the start playing, tap the star symbol (*) on the dial pad, you will then be prompted to enter the voicemail PIN. Then you will have full access to the voicemail inbox to hear, delete, as well as save any voicemails.

How to check voicemail on Android using Visual Voicemail?

If Visual Voicemail is enabled on your device, then you can check your voicemail here. Locate Visual Voicemail, then open it. You will be able to see all recent voicemails and can easily manage them.

As it is visual, it becomes a lot easier to sift through the voicemails. You do not need to wait through automated menus to go back if you make a mistake.

If Visual Voicemail is not enabled and you wish to change that, you can do so. For some Android devices, you need to open the Phone app, tap on more or the three dots in the upper right, then navigate to Settings > Voicemail, to turn on Visual Voicemail.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy, then you have a separate Visual Voicemail app that I had to enable in order to see your voicemails listed out. Navigate to the phone’s Settings > Apps > Visual Voicemail and allow permissions to the app to access the call logs, contacts, etc.

Can you Check voicemail on Android with a third-party app?

There is also an option to check your voicemail on Android devices using a third-party visual voicemail app, for example, Voxist.

Voxist is a free visual voicemail app that will do what your carrier’s visual voicemail app will do. Voxist can do voicemail to text. So, if you do not have the time to listen to a voicemail, you can read the voicemail. Or, you could just have the app email you a transcription.

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