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How to change default google account in seconds?

How to change default google account in seconds?
How to change default google account in seconds?

A person can hold as many google accounts as they want, but not a lot of people know that we can change default google account. If you are a multiple google account holder, first you should be aware of the account you are using as a primary email address since we use our email for sign in’s. Now let’s change your default google account.

Steps to change default google account

  1. To change default Google account go to google.com, once the window appears choose the account option which is located on the top right corner of the window.
  2. To change to another google account first you will be required to sign out from the existing account. Click on the sign-out button.
  3. Now that you are logged out you will need an account to access the Google services, click ‘sign in’ option on the top right corner of the window
  4. After clicking on sign in enter the details of the account you want to set as default or you can add aother account.
  5. To add another account, in the dropdown box select the option ‘use another account’.
  6. After you enter the email address you will have to authenticate the account for security reasons, once the authentication is done you are good too.

And if you have already used the other account in the past and are willing to use it again, all you have to do is, sign out of your existing account and while you are signing in you can choose the other account that will appear as an email option in the drop-down box.

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