Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Twitter iOS update prevents tweets from disappearing while you’re reading them

Twitter iOS update prevents tweets from disappearing while you're reading them
Twitter iOS update prevents tweets from disappearing while you’re reading them

The latest Twitter iOS update has some great features for users. One of these is a new feature that prevents tweets from disappearing while you’re reading them, so you can go back and review your timeline even if it’s been scrolled past on your feed. If you’ve ever wished that there was a way to see older tweets in your timeline, this update will be a welcome change.

Twitter is currently testing a new update that will disable the ability to automatically refresh the timeline. Although this feature is attractive, many Twitter users dislike it because it causes the Twitter feed to vanish without advance warning and can’t be recovered, which has driven them insane since this typically happens when someone reads a feed and that Twitter feed disappears suddenly.

The reason for Twitter iOS update

The primary reason for the Twitter IOS upgrade to the web platform is to overcome this barrier, in which the feed is automatically changed to keep up with the timeline.

The new upgrade will enable users to turn on or off the automatic Twitter feed feature as well as control when they want a fresh timeline added to their Twitter feed. The future of Android news, however, is uncertain, as all the good news comes with some surprising twists.

The removal of the automatic crop preview feature that is presently available in the mobile app is also part of Google’s new product. This implies that all the photographs in the feed will be actual photographs taken by users rather than altered crops from auto-crop features. This functionality will be included in Apple’s next iOS update, which will also disable the automatic feed change function.

The web behemoth has come up with another fantastic approach to make the user’s experience more memorable by allowing users to visit their spaces without having to create an account.

Twitter has once again demonstrated its dependence by delivering new functions that make the user’s Twitter experience more simple and pleasant.

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