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How to check what’s trending on Twitter? (Easy Way)

How to check what's trending on Twitter? (Easy Way)
How to check what’s trending on Twitter? (Easy Way)

Twitter is the most popular social network, with a global reach that includes every topic that is happening in the world. It keeps its users up to date on everything from politics to sports and entertainment, with the enormous number of tweets streaming across the website, there has to be a method for us to see what’s trending on Twitter.

You can monitor all the current Twitter subjects by visiting the Twitter mobile app, or you may use the Twitter dashboard feature to have a more user-friendly approach. We’ll show you how to utilize this function and where to discover the trend feature using our service.

How are trends determined?

There are numerous elements to consider when it comes to a “trending topic” that is yet to achieve prominence. The most essential factors are the hashtag name’s popularity, for example, when the Dalgona Cady from the popular series squid games was trending, the hashtag #DALGONS candy was used since it is a term related to sweets. As a result of this, there was an increase in circulation of that hashtag, which made users talk and tweet about it for a long time.

How we can see what’s trending on Twitter

  • If you’re using the official website, log in to your Twitter account or download the Twitter dashboard software.
  • Select the Twitter bird icon that is located in the top left corner of your screen.
  • As the menu list appears, select the’ Explore’ option that is in the list.
  • Then select the trending option that will be is one of the options in the ‘Explore’ field.
  • You can see all the things that are currently trending in your locality or your city.
  • You can also find the topics that are according to your interests, and you can make your Twitter feed more personalized.

This is how you may check out what’s popular on Twitter, which is the most popular platform used by world-class or prominent individuals.

With the rise in popularity of Twitter, it’s always a good idea to stay up to speed on current issues. It may be beneficial when you’re having a regular conversation, and you want to keep things lively and interesting.

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