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Apple hits a new low with a Cloth to clean Apple devices that will cost you $19

Apple hits a new low with a Cloth to clean Apple devices that will cost you $19
Apple hits a new low with a Cloth to clean Apple devices that will cost you $19

Apple has released a nonabrasive cloth that is said to clean Apple devices which can be purchased as a separate product, the cloth is alleged to be a whopping $19.It is a simple micro fabric cloth that is the same as all the other clothes. 

As the product was released in the Apple event launch which also introduced the new MacBook Pro with the new and faster processing M1 chip pro, and the most awaited third-generation AirPods and the Max chip.

The product is nothing but a micro fabric cloth with an apple logo and the company has recommended the buyers to use it for the delicate nano texture pro display XDR. The product comes free with the pro display XDR. 

Other cheaper microfiber cloths that we can use to clean Apple Devices

To get a much cheaper intermediate for this product, you can visit the Amazon website which is selling better products at very low rates but does the same job. You can get a 20 pack on Amazon for that price.

As absurd as this sounds people are still buying apple cloth even when it is insanely expensive. It’s just a piece of CLOTH! Apple is also providing the option to pay for the cloth on EMI, which it believes will encourage customers to buy this product even more. This is not the first time that Apple sold its products for such ridiculous price, in the past, they sold overpriced key chain holders for the apple AirTags.

For those who don’t know what an AirTag is, it is a device that helps you track your stuff. You just slip in these tags with your keys or your bags. Even though the AirTags were a big hit people found it absurd that the keychain holder is nearly as expensive as the gadget.

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