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How to use Netflix Party and remotely share Netflix movies?

How to use Netflix Party and remotely share Netflix movies?
How to use Netflix Party and remotely share Netflix movies?

Social distancing has made people miss all the group activities they’re used to, like watching movies in the company of their friends, however, there is a way to do the same online. You can use Netflix Party, which is a Chrome extension, which lets you watch videos with your friends and chat together simultaneously.

This article will show you how it works. You and your friends log in to respective Netflix accounts. Decide on what movie/show you want to watch, and Netflix Party will sync the playback across all the accounts so that all the viewers are watching the same thing at the same time from their respective accounts. This extension also has a text chat function on the side of the screen, here the viewers can react, and chat in real-time.

How can you host a Netflix Party?

  • First things first, Download the extension
  • Open Netflix, then start playing a video
  • The Netflix Party extension icon can be spotted next to your address bar, it will change from gray to red. Click on the extension.
  • A pop-up window appears saying “Create a Netflix Party.” You have the ability to either give yourself total control over the playback or to allow everyone to control it. Click on “Start the party.”
  • Another window will pop up, this contains a link. Click on “Copy URL” to share it. If you need to, you can find this link by just clicking on the Netflix Party extension icon.
  • Netflix Party will automatically give you an icon. By clicking on the icon, you can change it, there are a few alternatives available. You can also change your nickname.

How can you join an existing Netflix Party?

  • Click on the link you received
  • Click on Netflix Party

And that’s it you will join the party. If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), leave a comment below or share it with friends, so they can also know How to use Netflix Party – How to remotely share Netflix movies?

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