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How to downgrade Netflix Plan? Easy step-by-step process

How to downgrade Netflix Plan? Easy step-by-step process
How to downgrade Netflix Plan? Easy step-by-step process

If you’re paying for a Netflix subscription it gives you access to tons of streaming content at your disposal. However, different seasons call for different streaming needs. Netflix offers its users three different streaming plans to choose from Basic, Standard, and Premium. Netflix also makes upgrading or downgrading your streaming plans super easy. This article will show you what you have to do if you want to upgrade or downgrade your Netflix account.

How can you downgrade Netflix plan?

You have the ability to change your Netflix plan at any time by following the provided steps:

  • First, Sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Under Plan Details, click on Change Plan. (If you are not able to see Change Plan, you can contact Netflix.)
  • NOTE – If your account happens to be on hold, no plan changes will be made until the hold situation is resolved.
  • Select the desired plan, then click on Continue/Update.
  • Click on Confirm Change/Confirm.

Plan upgrade will take effect immediately so that you can enjoy all the added features. As Netflix is a prepaid service, the billing date will change based on the remaining balance of the last payment.

A plan downgrade with a lower price will take effect on the next billing date. You will have the ability to continue to use the features of the higher plan until the next billing date.

For example, if you happen to upgrade from Basic to Standard, you have the ability to then upgrade from Standard to Premium in the same month. However, if you happen to downgrade your plan, the downgrade will only be in effect on the next billing date.

Or if wanted you can your Netflix subscription at any time.

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