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What Is Microsoft 365? What all does it offer in its subscription plan?
What Is Microsoft 365? What all does it offer in its subscription plan?

Microsoft 365 is the renamed version of Microsoft Office 365, and people may be wondering if there are any new or exciting features in it. The updated version does contain some new features that have been shown to be appealing and worth the subscription fee, which all customers are paying for.

The subscription plan for Microsoft 365 is the same as prior versions: $100 per year for six people and $70 per year for a single user, with all the self-evident services included in previous versions.

As a subscriber to Microsoft 365, you will get all the standard features that other versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and other office applications have.

Key features in Microsoft 365:

You can use Microsoft Editor: You will be given the most up-to-date version of Microsoft Editor, which allows you to correct your grammatical errors. This feature is available in over 20 languages and is driven by a sophisticated AI-powered system that will make translation much simpler; you can also make any necessary modifications with ease.

Download Transactions from Banks in Excel: You may download the bank statements from the internet and open them in Microsoft Excel to get a quick copy of the invoices that you’ll need to make an organized spreadsheet.

Talk to your Family and Friends using Microsoft Teams: The most popular plans are always the more affordable versions. For example, the Office 365 Business Premium Plan costs less than $50 per user each month when you include all of your employees in one location, whereas the Microsoft Teams standalone subscription is about double that amount.

With all of these features, you’ll get a 1 TB storage on your Microsoft one drive, and you can utilize the newest addition to the 365 family (Microsoft Family Safety), which allows you to view everyone’s screen time. You may also share your location.

There are a few alternative versions of Microsoft 365 that may fulfill your requirements, and you may get different discounts on each plan. This adaptability will allow you to have a more efficient colleague and assistant who can help you finish your job faster.

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