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How to Set Up a Spotify Kids Account? Easy steps
How to Set Up a Spotify Kids Account? Easy steps

Spotify Kids is a standalone listening app, it is built with the unique needs of kids in mind. If you subscribe to the Spotify Premium Family subscription, which costs $14.99/month, you can provide your kids their own app with 8,000+ songs, stories, along with lullabies.

How can you Set Up Spotify Kids?

Before you gain the ability to access the Spotify Kids app, you are required to have a Spotify Premium Family subscription. If you want to sign up for the $14.99/month service, visit Spotify’s Premium Family page, then follow as prompted by the site. After you are finished signing up, and you are finished setting up your primary account, it’s finally time to create an account for your kids.

  • If you want to create a new Spotify Kids account, download the Spotify Kids app for your device from the Google Play Store for Android/Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad.
  • Launch the app, then tap on “Log In”.
  • Enter your credentials, then tap on “Continue” on the confirmation screen. Type in your child’s name. If you want, you could also enter your kid’s birthday. The Spotify Kids Privacy Policy has additional information on how this data will be used.
  • After you’re done, click on “Continue”. You will then receive a separate Privacy Notice receipt via email, this will be sent to verify that you’ve agreed to the terms listed.
  • Next, choose between two separate styles for both the content and the interface of Spotify Kids. If you want a detailed interface with radio-friendly music, select “Audio for older kids”.
  • If you want a simpler interface with children’s songs, bedtime stories, or lullabies, choose “Audio for younger kids”.
  • Click on “Help me choose” for more information on the content. Don’t worry, you can switch back and forth any time by accessing the Settings menu.
  • After you’re finished, click on “Continue”.
  • Choose an avatar to represent this account.
  • The main Spotify Kids interface will then load, depending on the content you selected.
  • You can add additional kids’ accounts by accessing the Parental Settings menu.

How to Manage Your Spotify Kids Account?

To access the Settings menu in Spotify Kids

  • Click on the kid’s avatar.
  • Here, you can access Parental Settings by tapping the gear icon.
  • You can touch the pencil icon to change the kid’s avatar to a different character.
  • You’ll be prompted to set up a confidential four-digit password.
  • If you’ve already set one up for your account, you’ll be prompted to enter it.
  • You can change this PIN later by accessing the same menu.
  • Each Spotify Premium Family subscription has the ability to invite up to five additional users.
  • Click on “Edit” next to any kid’s account in the Parental Setting menu to change the name, birthday, or content settings.
  • You also have the ability to delete the kid’s account from that submenu.

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