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How to Play Dinosaur Game Without Going Offline in Chrome?

How to Play Dinosaur Game Without Going Offline in Chrome?
How to Play Dinosaur Game Without Going Offline in Chrome?

The Dinosaur Game is a built-in game in the Google Chrome browser. The game was originated by Sebastien Gabriel in 2014. It was intended to be accessed by hitting the space bar when the device had no internet connection or when Google Chrome is offline.

Chrome has a hidden endless runner game you can play whenever you are offline. However, it turns out that you can play the game without having to disconnect from the internet. The player must avoid hazards such as cacti and pterodactyls by either jumping or ducking as the dinosaur moves from left to right across desert terrain.

Steps to Play Dinosaur game:

  • Enter chrome://dino in the address bar.
  • Then the “No internet” screen will open.
  • Press the space key to play the game.
  • Pressing space or ↑ will make the Dino jump, and ↓ will make the Dino duck.

If you want some facts, on September 18, 2020, the game had a birthday cake as well as party hats to celebrate four years of being hidden in Chrome. Here’s another intriguing fact for you: the game was meant to be able to achieve a maximum score after roughly 17 million years of playtime, which is how long the Tyrannosaurus rex lived before going extinct. If an administrator disables the game, an error message will appear when you attempt to play the game, featuring a picture of a meteor heading towards the dinosaur.

This game is played 270 million times each month, and I don’t understand why so many individuals choose to disconnect their internet in order to play it. With this tip you don’t have to disconnect your internet to play the Dino game, so keep it handy.

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