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How to fix HBO Max on Roku? An Easy Guide

How to fix HBO Max on Roku? An Easy Guide
How to fix HBO Max on Roku? An Easy Guide

HBO Max is the newest streaming service from HBO. However, if you are like many of us and have a Roku device, you may be wondering how to fix HBO Max on Roku? The good news is that it’s not difficult to get started with this new app.

Roku is a popular hardware digital media platform; it offers access to media content from various online sources. People can enjoy many things on Roku and HBO’s series and movies are one of them. Users have the ability to download HBO Max videos on their devices for other streaming applications as well. You will be able to directly subscribe to this service when you have a Roku account on your device. 

But is your HBO Max not working on Roku? This article will help you.

Steps to fix HBO Max on Roku

Method 1: Update your Roku Device

The app works properly on Roku 9.3, however, the older Roku models like Roku 2500 won’t be supportive. If you want to have a Glitch-free experience, make sure your Roku is up-to-date. You can update by following the below-given steps.

  • Press and hold the Home button on the remote, then navigate to Settings
  • Select System, then go to System update.
  • Check for updates in Roku, then proceed with the installation. 

Method 2: Disconnect your VPN

If you want to enjoy HBO Max flawlessly, your region of residence must be within the United States or its affiliated territories. So, you have to use your original IP address with visibility features. Turn Off your VPN, then try the app again, if the problem isn’t solved scroll down for other methods. 

Method 3: Use the Search Feature

Use the search feature to choose the desired content, in the place of the Home screen. Search for content by the desired movie/series name, tv channels, or actors. However, you will only be able to use Forward, Backward, Pause, & 7-second replay. 

Method 4: Clear the Cache Memory

Follow the steps given below to clear the cache memory.

  • Open the Home screen.
  • Search for the HBO Max channel, then select it.
  • Take your remote, then press the * button.
  • Select Remove channel.
  • Then reboot your Roku.

Method 5: Reinstall HBO Max App

Before you re-install your HBO Max, you need to first uninstall it for that follow-

  • Uninstall HBO Max
  • Push the Home button on the remote.
  • Go to Streaming Channels, then select Channel Store.
  • Search for HBO Max in the list, then click on OK.
  • Select Remove. Confirm your selection when prompted.

Reinstall HBO Max – Way 1

  • Open the HBO Max app on your mobile, then open Settings.
  • Navigate to Device, then sign out of all the devices.
  • Delete HBO Max from Roku and restart it.
  • After the restart process is complete, reinstall the app.

Reinstall HBO Max: Way 2

  • Unsubscribe from HBO Max.
  • Delete the HBO channel, then perform a restart process.
  • Add the HBO Max channel, the issue should be fixed now.

Method 6: Restart Roku

  • Like any other device, even in Roku turning it on and off, does solve few problems. 
  • Open System by selecting it on the Home Screen.
  • Search for a System restart, then select it.
  • Choose Restart. It will confirm your restart to turn your player off, then on again.
  • Roku will turn OFF. Patiently wait till it powers ON.
  • Go to the Home page, then check if the glitches are fixed.

How to Restart your Frozen Roku?

  • Push the Home button five times.
  • Push the upward arrow once.
  • Push the Rewind button twice.
  • Push the Fast Forward button two times.

Once you complete these steps, voila your frozen Roku will start to restart. If you liked this, leave a comment below or share it with friends, so that they also know How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on Roku. 

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