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The Green Knight will be available to stream on August 18th only
The Green Knight will be available to stream on August 18th only

Talk about legendary One-Night Stands, The Green Knight still exclusive to theaters. It’s based on the classic epic poem, The Green Knight stars Dev Patel as the would-be knight who answers an ill-fated challenge to the eponymous Green Knight on Christmas day. We will be treated to The Green Knight earlier thanks to a $20 ticket to rent the film through A24’s Screening platform. The one-night-only rental isn’t a total streaming release for rental or purchase. A regular digital release will hit later on, after the theatrical cycle.

How to stream The Green Knight?

It’s simple, you’ll buy a $20 ticket to rent the film on the A24’s Screening Room platform. There’s a catch though, this isn’t just a regular buy to stream No No No it’s unique in its own right. After the $20 ticket is bought, you’ll are only allowed to stream the film during a four-hour window on August 18th starting at 9 PM ET. As there’s a catch there’s an added perk too, the stream comes with a bonus Q&A with the cast and crew after the film.

Once the ticket is purchased, A24 provides 3 different ways to stream the film- on a browser, on an Apple TV app, or on the Roku app. A24 provides sole screening of The Green Knight for US viewers only, international fans have to wait.

Why is Green knight streaming only one day?

The film was originally planned for a May 29th, 2020 release, but was hampered until this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This move marks the latest blurring of the line betwixt theatrical and streaming releases. The $20 cost of the ticket is nearly the same as watching The Green Knight in theaters if shared with collective friends or family members. Bonus to A24 as there won’t be a need to share that ticket price with theaters.

HBO Max has taken a parallel approach, offering simultaneous digital debuts for its 2020 slate at no extra cost to streaming subscribers’ apace theatrical debuts. Disney Plus’ Premiere Access films also offered the option of simultaneous $30 digital purchases and theatrical releases for films like Black Widow or Jungle Cruise. If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), please leave us a comment below or share it with friends, so they can also know about how to watch The Green Knight for one day only.

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