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Apple TV App now available on Nvidia Shield

Apple TV App now available on Nvidia Shield HalfofThe
Apple TV App now available on Nvidia Shield HalfofThe

While Roku and Google are in a fight, Apple is working its way up by emerging into various platforms. In its plan of expanding Apple tv to more users, it launched the app in Nvidia shield today. All Apple TV features such as Free content, Premium features, renting movies are now available for Nvidia shield users. One of the major advantages for users is they can also access premium channels such as Starz and Showtime now.

Why Apple TV is different from other Apple products?

If you know Apple and its business model, you should know by now that they do not launch applications or products beyond their Apple ecosystem. iMessage is one the best example out there, despite many requests from users to allow the iMessage in Android, Apple never even considered it. One of the emails from Apple’s executive mentions that adding iMessage to Android will make users switch from iPhone to Android. This shows how aware they are about their products, but this does not apply to the Apple TV app though. Apple TV needs a viewership that goes beyond Apple users, and honestly, that’s how the television market works. Apple needs to go into various platforms to get more viewers and subscribers for its service unlike other products by Apple where people come to the Apple ecosystem to use it.

Apple TV is already available on multiple platforms, it is available on major platforms such as Google TV, Amazon Fire Tv, Xbox, Playstation, Roku, and many more. It currently supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in the Nvidia shield.

Attracting offers to new customers

In addition to this Apple is also working on some promotions to attract new customers. New subscribers can get a free trial of 7 days. If you are planning on purchasing a new Apple device, Apple is throwing in a one-year free subscription of Apple TV Plus for you. Or, you can also get one month free when you subscribe to their Apple One bundle.

Looking for Popular shows and movies to watch on Apple TV Plus?

Honestly, Apple is still trying to get that one big hit. Currently, they are busy growing their content and get more movies to watch on their service but the lack of shows that can attract mass audiences to subscribe is a bad start for Apple. Although shows like Ted Lasso and See are decent to watch, they are not yet great crowd pullers for the service. With Apple’s budget to throw into new shows production, they will find a show that can change things for them.

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