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How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps using either your computer or mobile?

How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps using either your computer or mobile?
How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps using either your computer or mobile?

If you are looking to save a new location you found in Google Maps, you will have to drop a pin in Google Maps on the exact location. If you do so it will help you find it again. Don’t know how don’t worry this article will show you how to drop a pin. 

How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps on Windows or on a Mac? 

There are two ways you can drop a pin on a location in Google Maps on your Windows or a Mac. You have the ability to use the search bar to drop a pin automatically. You can just drop a pin on any location on the map manually if wanted. 

  • To begin, open the Google Maps website, if you want to save a location, you will have to sign in to your account. To automatically drop a pin, search for a specific location using the search bar in the top-left. 
  • Search suggestions will appear below the search bar. Select one of them to drop a pin on that location. 
  • An information panel will open on the left, this will offer you options to share as well as save the location. Or for you to find directions to or from it. If you view the map on the right, a red pin would have been dropped on the same location, pinpointing it on the map for you to quickly identify. 
  • You also have the ability to drop a pin manually. To do this, choose any location in the map view. A smaller pin icon will appear on the map, this will be with a quick directions box appearing at the bottom. 
  • If you want to view the larger red pin on that location, select the map coordinates in the quick directions box. 
  • The red pin as well as the information panel will appear at this point, allowing you to save as well as share the location. If you want to remove the pin, select the cross icon on the search bar. Or, just select elsewhere on the map itself. 

How can you Drop a Pin in Google Maps on an Android or an iOS device? 

If you are using the Google Maps app on Android, iPhone/iPad, you can drop a pin on any location using the search bar or the map view. 

To use the search bar method

  • Open the app, then type a location into the search bar.
  • Tap on one of the search suggestions that appear underneath to view the selected location. 
  • A red pin will drop automatically on the searched location. It will also have a smaller information panel. Tap on this information panel to bring up additional options as well as information, including directions, address along with contact details, business reviews, and much more. 
  • If you wish to drop a pin manually, move to the area on the map where you’d like to drop the pin. Then press and hold on to that location. 
  • After a few seconds, a red pin will appear at the location. 
  • You then have the ability to save or share the location using the small information panel at the bottom. You will also be able to find directions and more. 
  • To remove the dropped pin, tap on “X” on the search bar. Or else just tap on any other location in the map view. 
  • Red pins are temporary, thus, doing this will remove the pin from the map. It will also allow you to search for other locations.  

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