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If you are no longer interested in using Reddit, you have the ability to delete your account. However, you have to jump do a little more if you want to delete your Reddit posts as well as comments, too. This article will show you how to delete your Reddit profile. 

How to delete your Reddit profile? 
How to delete your Reddit profile? 

Reddit provides you the option to “deactivate” your account, this is permanent. After you deactivate/delete, your profile will be permanently removed from Reddit. Your username will vanish from Reddit. 

However, any Reddit posts or comments you’ve posted will remain on the site. They won’t have your username associated with them anymore. As per Reddit, they become “unattributed,” and no one can know who posted them. Even the messages you sent will become unattributed. 

Until and unless you have posted something containing personal information, there is practically no need to delete any comments or posts, as they will be unattributed.  

Note – You won’t be able to delete posts or comments after you deactivate your account, you will not be able to access it ever again.  

How can you Delete Posts and Comments? 

Visit the Reddit website, then sign in with your Reddit account you want to delete. 

Click on your name at the top-right of the website, then click on “Profile” to view your profile. 

At the top, click on “Posts” to view your posts. Click on “Comments” to see the comments. 

Go through the lists to see which posts and comments you want to remove. To remove a post/comment, click on “…” under that post/comment. Then select “Delete.” 

After you’re finished, move on to deleting your account. 

How can you Delete Your Reddit Account? 

Visit the Reddit account settings page. 

To reach there click on your name at the top-right of the website, then select “User Settings.” 

At the bottom, click on “Deactivate Account”, this will be highlighted in red. 

Reddit will ask you for optional feedback. You must provide your username as well as your password. Click on “I understand that deactivated accounts are not recoverable,” then click on “Deactivate” to continue the process. 

Reddit will ask you for final confirmation. Click on “Deactivate” if you’re sure.  

That’s it, your account has been deleted. If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), leave a comment below or share it with friends, so they can also know How to delete Reddit profile? 

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