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The Reddit Karma isn’t wholly the same as real-life karma. This article will help you understand all you need to know about it. Though Karma on Reddit isn’t the same as a real-world principle, it somewhat revolves around the idea of cause and effect. Reddit invites users to earn digital “karma” by participating in its many subreddit communities. 

What's the deal about the Reddit Karma? A detailed explanation of Karma on Reddit
What’s the deal about the Reddit Karma? A detailed explanation of Karma on Reddit

When you join Reddit, you will be able to see a number on your profile. This number is your Post and Comment Karma. 

What Is Reddit Karma? 

Karma is a score you receive when you post and comment on Reddit. Your total Karma will be shown on your profile, when someone clicks on your username, they will be able to see a breakdown of Post as well as Comment Karma. 

Few users are so good at this that their Karma runs into the millions. 

How Does the Karma Work? 

New users may find asking the question: how does Karma work on Reddit? 

You receive Reddit Post Karma when people upvote anything that is posted by you. You will lose karma when you are downvoted by users. 

How can you receive Comment Karma on Reddit?  

The principle is the same, you receive Comment Karma when Reddit users upvote your comments. You lose Karma when the comments are downvoted 

Can you Buy Reddit Karma? 

Well, buying Karma does not serve as a viable option if earning Reddit Karma is your goal. Neither Reddit Coins nor Reddit Premium has the ability to buy you Karma. Explicitly asking for upvotes is discouraged, as well. 

If a service claims to let you buy Reddit Karma, it Is most likely to be a scam. Even if it could earn you Karma, it is highly likely to go against Reddit’s terms of service, it might also get you banned from the platform. 

How Is Reddit Karma Calculated? 

When you initially start earning Karma, it may seem like every upvote contributes a point to it. After you reach the thousands; however, the math starts to become a little murky. 

Reddit uses an algorithm to calculate Karma. It also doesn’t disclose exactly how this algorithm works. As the story goes, the more upvotes a link/comment gets, the less Karma each upvote is worth. This means that a comment with 15K upvotes isn’t necessarily going to provide you with 15K of Comment Karma. 

What Does this Karma Do? 

Sure, it’s flattering to have a six-figure score under your username, however, is there anything more tangible that Karma gives you? Here are the benefits of having good Reddit Karma: 

You will have the ability to post as well as a comment as much as you like. If you haven’t noticed when you’re still new on Reddit, you have to wait before you can post again after doing so a couple of times. How much Karma is needed for me to be able to post to my heart’s content? Well, nobody knows. After you earn more Karma, this speed-bump will no longer be there. 

You will have the ability to join “exclusive” subreddits. Subreddit Karma requirements may vary from community to community. Few subreddits require that you have a minimum amount of Karma before you can either join or post. 

High karma earners have more credibility. The people of Reddit tend to have notoriously high standards when it comes to opinions as well as expertise. Having more Karma means more credibility backing what you say. 

None of the benefits do you any good outside of Reddit, however, few users manage to monetize their Reddit Karma by selling their accounts. OR. By posting on behalf of brands. 

I can’t really vouch if this is lucrative, but what I can say, is this type of behavior is not necessarily in the true Reddit spirit. 

How can you Get Karma on Reddit? 

While the mechanics of earning, Karma are not properly understood, many new Redditors want to crack the code. 

Building a reputation on Reddit boils down to posting good stuff, how it is generally in any community. Unless you for some reason desperately require Karma, you should focus on simply engaging, contributing, and letting things take their natural course. 

If you want to get the extra points, be it to join a certain subreddit, or for any other benefit. We have a few tips to help you earn Reddit Karma faster. 

1. You can join Popular Subreddits 

Big subreddits like r/funny and r/pics are where millions of people hang out, so if you manage to post something that wins them over, you will be able to earn lots of Karma from that single post alone. 

The only downside to massive communities like these is that they are heavily moderated. Even if you manage to post as a newbie, it might be a hard time cutting through the noise. 

2. Try to post Things That Are Funny or Unique 

Ok, this might look like an obvious suggestion, however, your post has to be unique to get noticed. Memes with the potential of going viral are probably your best bet. You could also try your luck out with unusual and fascinating photos as well as videos.  

To better understand what does and doesn’t fly on Reddit, sort the posts in your feed by Top, try to spot any pattern there. 

3. You can discuss Hot Topics 

Heated discussion can be abundantly found happening on Reddit. If you have something to share regarding the trending news, there’s probably already a thread with a blazing discussion underway where you can make your voice heard. 

Many of these hot topics can be extremely polarizing, meaning you’re almost as likely to get downvoted as you are to earn positive Karma. 

4. You can Comment First and Make a Good Point 

Another handy tactic is to monitor new posts in popular subreddits to jump on the ones that seem to have good upvoting potential. If the post manages to get hot, your comment will go up with it by sheer proximity. What has to be kept in mind is that it won’t get upvoted just because it’s the first one. 

Witty comments and relevant GIF reactions serve as good fodder for upvotes. Insightful, well-thought-out explanations, as well as arguments, are also good upvote contributors. 

Oftentimes, a comment with thousands of upvotes simply expresses a sentiment that people are able to relate to, which provides it some traction. 

5. You can Ask and Answer on r/AskReddit 

r/AskReddit has more than 33.6 million members, it is one of the biggest subreddits. The premise is simple: ask questions and give answers. 

Nearly anything goes here. If enough people think the question, you’re asking is worth asking, they will likely add thousands of points to your Karma. 

Can You Lose Karma on Reddit? 

You can certainly lose Karma quickly if you upset enough people. Can you lose all of your Karma? Depending on how much Karma you originally had along with how big of a feud you are in, your Karma can reach zero, and it can also continue to fall. 

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