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How to access iCloud mail from any device? Easy steps

How to access iCloud mail from any device? Easy steps
How to access iCloud mail from any device? Easy steps

Many IOS users are unaware that iCloud includes this capability of being able to access iCloud mail from any other device, including those running Windows software, which is incredibly beneficial since it allows users to use their iCloud.com email on any device. We’ll assist you in setting up your iCloud.com email on different devices, regardless of what software they’re using.

How to access iCloud mail?

Create an iCloud.com email account first and, if you already have one, you’re good to go. If you haven’t created one yet, use an existing Apple device to make an iCloud email account first, and then follow these steps to utilize your iCloud mail on other software-running devices.

  • Use any browser, be it chrome or edge, visit www.iCloud.com\mail.
  • Simply sign in using the same email address and password that you used to update your device.
  • If you’re a cautious individual and want to authenticate your device using the apple two-step method, type in the OTP that you’ll receive on your iPhone.
  • A window will show up, asking you if you trust the browser you’re using. Choose the trust button that will appear in the bottom right corner to confirm your decision.
  • If you have an Apple device with an iCloud account, go to “www.iCloud.com” and your mail application will be displayed in the window.
  • That is all there is to it, now you can use the iCloud email address on any device and send emails from anywhere.

This is how you may access your iCloud email account using another device, but be cautious that you maintain an eye on the gadget you used to connect, if you’ve forgotten to log out, make sure you don’t have any sensitive emails in your inbox that might jeopardize your goal of having secure and quick email access.

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