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How to insert a table into Gmail message? Easy guide

How to insert a table into Gmail message? Easy guide
How to insert a table into Gmail message? Easy guide

A lot of users are unaware that Google Mail may handle a table in its usual form and how to insert a table into your email. This functionality may be demonstrated to be helpful in a variety of ways since many consumers need the ability to present their data in tabular form rather than via Excel documents that are time-consuming and take up device space.

Users of Google Chrome can take advantage of the +table Chrome extension. This function may assist you in inserting, editing, and adding data, but the rows and columns cannot be altered after they’ve been added to the email. The other is method is to copy a table into the email body.

Insert a table into Gmail message:

  1. Once you are done creating your mail and are ready to send.
  2. Open Google sheets or Google Docs to create a table for your data and save it on your device.
  3. After saving the Google sheet/doc select the whole table and copy it.
  4. Return to the drafting email and paste the table in the email.
  5. Once you have pasted the table there is a possibility of making a change such as editing the contents in the cell, but you can’t change the number of cells in the mail.

Gmail has established itself as a very dependable method of sending emails due to its high level of security and the popularity of the program, which assures us that it is trustworthy. This function may assist us in completing our tasks with much greater accuracy and less time.

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