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YouTube Android App Downloads Are Far More Than People Alive On Earth

YouTube Android App Downloads Are Far More Than People Alive On Earth
YouTube Android App Downloads Are Far More Than People Alive On Earth

There is no one on this planet who doesn’t know about YouTube or hasn’t used it at least once. If so, then they are clearly living under a rock. Everyone with a smartphone has the YouTube app installed on it. We all watch movies, tutorials, news, whatnot, everything that is possible. With the changes brought by the pandemic, we got more attached to this app that its installation number crossed the number of people on the earth! Yes, you read that right. The YouTube Android app downloads recently crossed 10 billion which is more than the present population of the world which is estimated to be around 7.9 billion people.  

As of May 2020, YouTube was the most downloaded streaming app worldwide, according to Sensor Tower. That month saw over 29.3 million installs of the app across the world, which is a 28.3% increase from May 2019. While the US had 16% of the total downloads, India came to a close second accounting for close to 11.2% of the total downloads.

Total YouTube android app Downloads:

Back in February 2005, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley launched a social media platform mainly for video sharing called YouTube where users can watch, share, upload, comment, like, and dislike videos. Now, YouTube is the most downloaded App worldwide as per May 2020 reports, with around 29.3 million youtube android app download across the world. This is accessible in smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, etc. Since its launch, it has been growing but rapid growth is seen within the last year. Ever since the launch of Android TVs, in 2014, YouTube installs have crossed a milestone of 50 million.

As we know, this app is pre-installed on all android devices which contributed to the huge number of downloads. And if you are wondering how it could surpass the human population, well it could be for multiple reasons like new mobile activations, multiple app updates, and multiple accounts on different devices. Since it is a free platform to watch and make videos, (though there is a paid version of it YouTube Premium) is easily available, people are much attracted to this platform. Fun fact the very first YouTuber is Jawed Karim, one of the founders of this app.

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