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How to start a YouTube channel?

How to start a YouTube channel?
How to start a YouTube channel?

Are you ready to go public, to take a plunge into YouTube for your business, or for yourself and wondering how to start a YouTube channel? It might be a smart move as it would help you create a public presence. It’s a great way one can use social media exposure for small businesses. It empowers one to create and share video content, on any desired topic as long as it does not go against YouTube norms. If you haven’t created a channel because you’re overwhelmed by everything that requires or wondering how to add your content to YouTube then you have come to the right place, as I will help you set up your YouTube channel.


First and foremost you need to have a Google Account to create a YouTube channel, to upload videos. There are a few things that have to be kept in mind before diving in, your motive should be clear i.e. do you want to do it as your hobby or to earn money, you have to select your Niche, then comes the equipment used to record your videos.

How to start a YouTube channel | Personal:

  • Sign in to YouTube on your computer or on the mobile site.
  • Click on your profile picture, then select create a channel.
  • Cross-check the details (Google Account name and photo) and confirm to create your channel.

How to create a channel with a business or another name

You can connect your channel to a Brand Account if you want to use a different name.

  • Sign in to YouTube on your computer or mobile.
  • Go to your channel list.
  • Select create a new channel
  • Create a channel by pressing on the create a new channel.
  • Create a YouTube channel for a Brand Account that is already managed by you. After selecting the Brand Account from the list, you’ll be switched to that channel.
  • Fill in details to name your new channel. Then, click Create.
  • Or simply just create a Google account with the name of the channel you desire to make.

Now that we are done creating a Channel the next thing on the To-Do list is.

Before that take a look at 3 ways to make money from YouTube

How to find yourself a Niche?

You have to find yourself a niche, it could be done before you even create a channel so that the process would go in a full circle. You could choose a topic that interests you or a topic that you could provide a different perspective to, any Niche works as long as you are able to captivate people with your content.

That doesn’t mean that you jump into a niche that is super popular, if it is popular then you will also have a lot and I mean a lot of competition. To avoid that you should start with a topic that has more viewers than the competition so that you have a stable footing when you start out. You need to find a niche and just grind, grind and grind and build an Empire out of it, so choose a niche wisely.

How to attract traffic to your YouTube channel?

How to start a YouTube channel?
How to start a YouTube channel?

You have to also keep in mind that the better your Thumbnails are the more people will click on them. Attractive or Flashy Thumbnails generally might be ignored by big YouTubers as they already have established their face value and their subscribers will click on the video as soon as their face appears. But as you are starting new you should focus on making your Thumbnails as attractive and clickable as possible, as it would help in making people watch your video. It is the first thing they’ll see before the video. Creating an attractive banner for your channel also helps attract people and gives them an overview of what your channel is about.

Then there is the equipment / Where to invest for Video or Audio Equipment?

You don’t need high-tech equipment to create content. Even if you have mediocre equipment it would be sufficient for your early endeavors. Instead of straight-up investing in Video Equipment, I suggest investing in Audio Equipment, because bad audio is 100 times more distracting than a bad video. If the viewers don’t like the audio, phew then kiss your YouTube dreams goodbye. The Video equipment is important but in the early stages of YouTube, I don’t think it’s an absolute commodity (until it’s a niche where the Video is absolutely necessary).

For inspiration, take a look at the list of Top YouTube stars and how much they earn.

How to analyze?

You might love analytics or hate them, but if you want to monitor your growth you just have to learn to use them. The first is click-through rate, it represents how appealing your titles are, how clickable your thumbnails are. Establish your own benchmarks to meet and then exceed them. 

The other important metric is Watch Time, the more Watch Time you get, the more YouTube is going to promote your content.

That concludes all the steps required to create a YouTube channel and to help it grow. If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), please leave us a comment below or share it with friends, so they can understand how to create a YouTube channel and help grow it too.

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