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The term gif (Graphics Interchange Format) was first introduced in the late 80s by one of the United States’ leading commercial online service establishments called CompuServe. AOL later bought it.

Best GIF Maker Apps for Windows for Different Needs
Best GIF Maker Apps for Windows for Different Needs

Are you wondering why people are making use of GIF images? Let’s say that GIF makes it easier to explain a situation, unlike its counterpart “emojis” GIFs can express everything from emotion to wide-spanned comical as well as marketing ideas. GIFs are eye-catching and attract possible clients when browsing a website and thus are handy to incorporate onto a web page, especially when lots of content is used.

GIF imagery is to express emotions and is a great branding statement as it can help while branding your company, service, or products. Thankfully, there are ample resources available to assist you in creating GIFs.

The best Free GIF Creators for Windows & Mac

There are many GIF maker tools that help you create GIFs; few are fully equipped with a wide selection of tools and extras as often seen in paid versions. However, if you can’t pay for the paid version yet, then you can also achieve maximum results with free GIF creator tools.

Adobe Photoshop – Best Professional

We have the usual suspect at first, as Adobe Photoshop needs no introduction in the photo editing world. This is one of the most popular software for professional editing, not only you can create GIFs with Photoshop, but on top of that, you can edit existing GIFs as well as videos with it. Just turn on the Timeline bar in Photoshop and you are good to go. You have total control of the output file, you can edit, optimize, animate, and a lot more with Photoshop.

PhotoDirector – Best Overall GIF Maker

PhotoDirector is a powerful and easy-to-use photo editing tool you can use to quickly create viral animated GIFs. This is a favorite among GIF creators as it is easy to use as well as free to download.

PhotoDirector works on Windows as well as the Mac system. You can convert any video into an eye-catching GIF, this can be done using PhotoDirector’s Video-to-Photo Tool. You also have the ability to use the Multi-Exposure feature to capture, then compress a video sequence into a single frame.

PhotoDirector has features like photo animation tools for turning photographs into animated GIFs. 


  • It has a quick and user-friendly software
  • Millions of stock images
  • Option to create GIFs from videos as well as photos
  • Great editing tools for adding effects

Photoscape – The best Basic Tool to Make GIFs

PhotoScape is a GIF creator that offers robust features. However, it has the same problems as Photoshop: slow processing and exporting. On the bright side, PhotoScape is free to use it also offers several GIF creator tools.

Before you turn your images into an animated GIF, you can add special effects as well as different text fonts and colors. After editing you can save the images for your GIF, To create the GIF you have to click on the Animated GIF tab. The process is quick, you can make playback speed adjustments or even add effects to bring the GIF envisioned to life.


  • Straightforward interface
  • Free tools

It has features such as –

  • Editor
  • Viewer
  • Page merging
  • Animated GIF
  • Color picker
  • Photo splitter – This cuts up a single photo into several pieces
  • Crop
  • Filters

Gifted Motion

Gifted Motion runs independently of a platform, it utilizes JAVA and is able to work on all Operating Systems. Thankfully, there are no installations required; users can simply get to work right away.

With Gifted Motion, you can –

  • Edit existing imagery
  • Supports PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF
  • There are also no licensing costs

Pros: It is Simple to use

Cons: Loading big-size images takes time

SSuite Gif Animator

SSuite Gif Animator is compatible with all windows, i.e., 32 as well as 64bit software. SSuite Gif Animator is one of the very few Green Software programs, it uses less energy when running the program. You can create movies, slide shows, animated gifs, and more.

Pros: SSuite Gif Animator is energy efficient and simple to use, it also does not require windows registration.

Cons: There are some restrictions on the ability to fully take control of editing the GIF.

Don’t want to download any apps? Don’t worry here are the alternatives. 

Best Free Online GIF Creators to try for free.

1. Filmora Meme Generator

Filmora Meme Maker can be used to make GIFs online, it helps you make images, GIFs, as well as video memes directly without watermark. Filmora Meme Generator is totally FREE to use and requires no signup. You can change text size, color, and position to create a caption while editing. You can even add text inside or outside in GIF. One of the best features of Filmora Meme Generator is that it can turn videos within 5 seconds into a GIF directly with ease. 

2. Picasion

Picasion allows you to import photos/videos from Picasa, Flickr, or another gallery. Picasion is available in multi-languages, however, it is ad-laden. You can avoid them if you stay in the right place on the website page. You can adjust the size of your images, create as well as add your avatar.

Pros: It is easy to use. It supports many formats.

Cons: Contains ads.

3. GifPal

This is a fully online user-friendly GIF maker software tool. GifPal has features such as –

  • Drawing tools texts and photos
  • Speed adjustments on frames
  • Timeline frame editing
  • 30 effects
  • 20 frames
  • No watermarks on pictures

Pros: GifPal is a free GIF tool with efficient effects

4. Gickr

Gickr allows you to create gifs by simply uploading them from the picture gallery or from your flicker, YouTube, or even Picasa account, it allows safe browsing and is efficient.

Pros: Free

Cons: Needs internet access

5. MakeAGif

Using MakeAGif you can create your very own gifs and enjoy fantastic features in a safe environment.

Pros: Simple to use and free

Cons: The site is not exactly child friendly as it may contain adult content.

6. Gimp

Gimp is a free online editor that allows you to edit pictures to create gifs.

Pros: Accessible online and free

Cons: Not as efficient as few other editing programs. It also lacks certain crucial editing features

7. UnFREEz

UnFREEz is a program that allows users to create creative gifs, it does not incorporate intricate user interfaces. It is also not too vast like other bigger programs; however, it has great features.

Pros: Easy to use, no learning curve

Cons: No advanced features

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