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Amazon is known for its great customer service and wide range of products but before someone decides to buy a product, it is mandatory that will check the reviews. No one wishes to buy a product that has incredibly low feedback and ratings. Reviews in one way are extremely helpful, you can avoid buying a product that is not worth it and save money or even gain knowledge on other ways of using the product.

But sadly, these reviews are no more legitimate. Often sellers try deceitful methods of commissioning the positive reviews which might lead the customers to buy faulty products often ending up losing money on the same. But reviews do matter, how do we check for those that are legitimate? We have brought down 3 review checkers that will help you spot any fake review on amazon

3 Tools Will Help You Spot Fake Amazon Reviews
3 Tools Will Help You Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

Tools that help you spot fake reviews


This is a customer review checker which runs several reviews through different processes, tests each one out based on certain data and algorithms, and returns a review that is legitimate. It shows those reviews that are honest and what a customer truly feels about the product. It eliminates any review that seems shady or fake.

It is also very easy to use, all you have to do is to copy the amazon product URL and press the option ‘Go’. Not just this, ReviewMeta also tells the percentage of how many fake reviews are present and rewards an overall view of the number of unverified purchases or any shady reviewers.


This website uses AI technology to spot any shady sellers that provide biased customer reviews. It analyses several reviews and detects suspicious activity. It uses a scale to determine the authenticity of customers’ reviews.

Copy the URL of the product and paste it into the analyzer space provided on the website and it will give a rating between A to F based on how honest the reviews are and how deceptive it is too. It will also provide an overall report that will be helpful in knowing whether a product is reliable or not based n the information gathered from all the honest reviews.

The Review Index

This website detects any shady patterns in the customer reviews by analyzing all of them by checking the data and using neural networks to return a final report. Just like the previous ones, all you have to do is to copy the URL of the amazon product and paste it and press the summarize option. It returns a report with a score out of 10 and mentions whether you must buy it or not in terms of a pass, warn or fail. It also provides an overall review of main features like how reliable the product is, its price, and whether there were more negative or positive reviews.

These fake review spotting websites can always be helpful and handy but remember that if you are looking for something specific like a particular feature of the product, analyze it carefully and you can easily spot a large number of fake reviews under the product.

Remain skeptical of every product and go through the reviews one by one and do check it out on the above-mentioned websites as well. This will help you save money and prevent you from buying a faulty product.

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