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Crunchyroll vs FUNimation: What’s the Best Anime Streaming Service?

Crunchyroll vs FUNimation: What's the Best Anime Streaming Service?
Crunchyroll vs FUNimation: What’s the Best Anime Streaming Service?

Crunchyroll vs FUNimation really is a tough decision when you consider the wide variety of content they provide. Trying on a new streaming service is an exciting prospect, it’s like getting new channels added to your cable connection. If the pricing fits right with you, and you happen to like the content, you’ll feel your money’s worth. When watching anime, they are split into two main categories; subbed (subtitled) or dubbed (with voices dubbed over).  Take it from a seasoned viewer, Sub>Dub.

If you are truly a beginner you can refer to a list we previously made, that’ll help you out in choosing your first-ever anime, off to a good start. 

Pricing difference between Crunchyroll vs FUNimation


They have three different tiers of subscriptions, namely Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultimate Fan. 

  • Fan– is the lowest-priced Premium subscription costs $7.99/month. Provides free access to the full anime catalog in 720p and 1080p HD. You can access the manga library, and any new episodes released within hours after they aired in Japan. 
  • Mega Fan– this costs $9.99/month. If you subscribe to this tier, you’ll be able to have four concurrent streams. You can download episodes for offline viewing as well. 
  • Ultimate Fan– costs $14.99/month. This’ll provide you with six simultaneous streams, also provides a ton of benefits including an annual swag bag as well as access to exclusive merch. 

If you have no problem with ads and want to test the waters before, the basic access is completely free but only gives standard definition (480p) streams. 


This also has a free basic level, ad-supported streaming on a limited number of shows. If you pay $7.99/month you will unlock the premium tier, which provides ad-free access to the entire anime and live-action library. It allows the download of up to 13 episodes to the app at any one time. 

The Content comparison between Crunchyroll and Funimation


There are more than 1,000 different anime and live-action series to watch. On top of providing all the fan favorites, there’s also plenty of manga available to read for premium tier members. Crunchyroll has a lot more subtitled shows and films, if you’re looking for Jujutsu Kaisen or Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, here is where you can find them. 

Though the content provided is excellent, a few classics have slipped away, Akira Afro Samurai, Gungrave, and Hellsing, and the only Dragon Ball you can see here is Super. Whereas, Berserk can only be found on Crunchyroll and not on FUNimation.


There are almost 700 different shows, films, and exclusive videos that can’t be seen anywhere else. You can’t find as many brand-new shows here. D4DJ First Mix is present; however, The God of High School isn’t. It emphasizes must-watch shows and older series translates to having more dubs.

How to Watch

You can log in to both anime streaming services on a PC, however, if you don’t want to be stuck to a desk, both offer apps for Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, and more. 

The UI

Crunchyroll UI:

Adding to your Watch list is easy, just log in, and you’re presented with a wealth of content, it is easy to scroll through. If you’re using it on Crunchyroll could feel a little cluttered. You can’t create multiple profiles; it can be a little confusing if more than one person is watching. It’s easy to filter mature content.

FUNimation UI:

Has incredibly easy navigation, everything is responsive throughout., be it queuing or looking through genres. Streaming is nearly as good as Crunchyroll; filtering the mature content is a quick process. However, the inability to create individual profiles makes the concurrent streams feel redundant. 

Now as we have given you an idea of what these streaming services provide, what you choose must depend on what you require. We say try both the streaming site’s free version and decide for yourself, where you want to put your money.  If you liked this, leave a comment below or share it with friends, so that they also know Crunchyroll vs. FUNimation. 

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