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Five Amazon Prime Video Features that You aren’t currently utilizing
Five Amazon Prime Video Features that You aren’t currently utilizing

Amazon Prime members have access to a plethora of benefits, including free two-day shipping on millions of products and great Amazon Prime Video features. But did you know that Amazon has an entire video service just for Prime Members? If you are not utilizing these five features then it is time for you to change that! With the recent addition of HBO to the lineup, there are now more movies and TV shows than ever before.

The streaming library also includes other networks like Showtime and Starz which offer exclusive content not found anywhere else outside their respective cable channels. There’s no excuse not signing up with Amazon Prime Video because there is something for everyone here, no matter what your taste in entertainment maybe!

Amazon Prime membership has its perks. If you are a cord-cutter as well as an Amazon Prime Member, we bring you five features that will help improve your viewing experience.

5 Best Amazon Prime Video features

You can Download Prime Videos for Offline Viewing

Amazon Prime Video grants the ability to download videos onto your device. This allows you to binge movies and TV shows on your device even when you don’t have an active data connection. This feature comes in handy if you’re on a long flight or road trip. Or if you are ever encountering a poor connection, downloaded videos come to your rescue. This feature works with a Kindle Fire tablet/ iOS/Android device with the Prime Video app. 

Stop Auto-Play

One of the biggest turn-offs of any video service is their auto-play. Auto-play – when you’re at the end of an episode/movie, you will spot a “Next Up” window. Then it will automatically start playing the next show. Or, for movies, it will start playing something that the algorithm thinks you might like. If you are not fond of this option, you can always turn it off. Make sure you’re logged in, then head to the Prime Video Account & Settings page. Under the “Playback” section, turn the feature off.

Watch (Some) Prime Video Content for Free

Even if you aren’t an Amazon Prime Member; you can watch a handful of Prime Video content for free. Did you know Amazon owns IMDb – shocker? I know. This being one of the reasons it is heavily integrated throughout Amazon’s Fire OS and devices. It allows Amazon to launch a free ad-supported streaming video service, which is conveniently named IMDb FreeDive.

Here you’ll be able to watch TV shows like Fringe, The Bachelor, Quantum Leap, as well as Without a Trace. It includes movie titles like Drive, Awakenings, The Last Samurai, Seven among many others. It’s all free to watch. However, there’s a catch, similar to other free video streaming services it includes the occasional ad break. 

Fire Tablet can be used as Second Screen Device

If you happen to own a Fire tablet; you can use it as a “second-screen device” while watching content on the big screen. With the X-Ray feature, you can use your tablet as a second-screen experience. It provides you IMDb data to find more details about the cast and characters in scenes. You also get a list of other programs of the actors, similar shows to the one you’re watching, trivia, and many other options. 

You can Subscribe to Prime Video Only

No, you don’t require a full-on yearly Amazon Prime member to enjoy its Amazon Originals like Man in the High Castle or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Amazon offers Prime Video for $8.99/month which is cheaper than what Netflix offers. So, you could binge a few of its shows that you’ve wanted to watch over the course of a month or more. Only pay for the required month/months at a time rather than a full year and cancel anytime. 

To try this out,

Visit the Amazon Prime subscription page. Under the “Try Prime”, click on “See More Plans”.

There you can choose the plan for $8.99/month. It also offers a few of the annual Prime membership benefits, for example, free two-day shipping, music streaming, and more. 

These are just a few of the perks of when using Prime Video, on top of expected features like parental controls, closed captioning, and more. If you liked this, leave a comment below or share it with friends, so that they also know five Amazon prime video Features that they aren’t using.

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