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What is Pegasus spyware? How to remove it from your phone?
What is Pegasus spyware? How to remove it from your phone?

Pegasus spyware developed by Israeli cyber arms firm NSO Group (also known as Q Cyber Technologies), it covertly installs itself on mobile phones (and other devices) running most versions of iOS and Android. Project Pegasus released in 2021, the current Pegasus software is proficient enough to exploit all present-day iOS versions up to iOS 14.6.

How does Pegasus Spyware work?

Pegasus is spyware that snoops into handsets, even a single WhatsApp missed call gives Pegasus complete control over one’s smartphone. Originally, it was licensed to governments to help track terrorists. It covertly installs itself, which will result in hackers accessing all the user’s data including passwords, record calls, and copy and send messages, or even film people via phone cameras.

How to detect Pegasus Spyware on your devices

Amnesty International has developed a tool that lets you see whether your phone has been targeted by spyware. Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT), a tool that helps you identify if Pegasus spyware has been installed itself on your mobile device. It works on Android & iOS devices. Presently, MVT requires some command-line knowledge. It probably will receive a GUI (graphical user interface) over time. The tool’s code is open source and is available on GitHub.

How to remove Pegasus from iPhone or Android

Removing spyware from mobile becomes crucial, as preserving your identity as well as other sensitive information. The steps will help to remove such malware from your devices:

  1. Update the devices as soon as newer updates are available. More attention has to be paid while installation of security updates. It’s the only way you can protect your iPhone and avoid further attacks. Once any malware is detected, Apple will release new software updates and try to eliminate the cause.
  2. Installing good and free malware removal software on all devices that you own
  3. Do not be victims of phishing, spear-phishing can be avoided by considering the links to click on carefully.
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