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9 best Android Apps: Editor's Pick HalfofThe
9 best Android Apps: Editor's Pick HalfofThe

It’s hard to find the best android apps 2021, if you just got a new android phone, or want to find ways to revive an old one, a new app will do the job. The problem is sorting through all the thousands of them out there. That’s where we come in – our experts have been combing the Google Store for years and testing them hard to find which are truly useful and add that little of extra zing to life. We don’t just stick with popular categories either – we look at android camera apps, photo editors, health, etc.”

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Let us begin the list of 9 the best Android Apps 2021

Spark mail

Spark, from Readdle, claims to be “the most powerful email app on the market”. It’s an android app that has a slick interface and loads of features including push mail which means your messages are always up-to-date. You can also create folders for different emails, pin important ones at the top or mute them with ease. This is the most recommended app, so it stands top of our best Android apps 2021 list.

Key Features:

Push Mail – Stay up to date with all three inboxes (Gmail included) without having to open another browser tab.

Pinned Folders – Organize your new messages by marking some as pinned, so they’ll stay put in their respective folder instead of being mixed together with other unread emails in one unified list.

Inbox Zero – Spark has a feature called “inbox zero” that lets you get rid of all the clutter in your inbox by sorting it into various folders and deleting messages.

Conversation View – You can quickly reply to any email with just one tap, without having to scroll through five previous responses.

Blocked Senders List – Simply add an email address or domain name for those pesky spammers who keep sending unwanted pitches to end up on this list, so they don’t show up again.

Pocket cast

Pocket Casts is the best android app to listen to and download podcasts on your android phone. It’s free, it’s easy to use with a lot of features like downloading offline episodes if you don’t want data charges or live chat where users can ask for help. Pocket Casts has recently integrated with Google Assistant, so you can control playback from anywhere in your home by voice as well! This is the app we use in our daily drive, so this stands as the second on the best android apps list.

Key features:

– The user interface is simple and intuitive

– You’ll be able to find all popular podcasts that are updated daily.

– Subscribe directly through their website without having to search through Google Play Store.

– Download episodes automatically when connected to Wi-Fi (or just turn off).

– Offline listening capabilities allow users to take those long subway rides without paying for data.

– You can even sync the app to your Google Play subscription, so you never miss an episode!

Pocket casts is a must-have android app for any podcast listener. It’s free and does everything you need it to do, plus more features like offline listening will come with future updates. Download today!

Brave browser

The Brave browser is a new android app that’s built on the principles of privacy and speed. It offers you an ad-free experience, faster page loading speeds than other browsers such as Safari or Chrome, with added benefits like blocking trackers to protect your data from being tracked by advertisers. This is so far the best browser that even pays for browsing, so it stands third in our best android apps list.

Brave has been made in collaboration with Mozilla which already produces Firefox – but this time it aims not just to provide users with a browsing experience that blocks ads and prevents any third parties from tracking their activity online – it also wants to pay publishers up front for content using tokens earned through advertising revenue shared between itself and its partners. This means less pressure on mobile phone batteries when surfing the net! The layout is simple and intuitive, so no need for tech skills.

Brave was made with a different approach – one where users are tapped directly into interactions without third parties taking their cut off the top; where publishers can get paid for content without having to run up a credit card debt; where users are protected from invasive ads and trackers, providing faster load times.

Brave is designed with all these goals in mind – it’s an android app that blocks adverts and protects your data while loading web pages much quicker than other browsers like Safari or Chrome. It also pays publishers upfront using tokens earned through advertising revenue shared between itself and its partners, so they don’t need to rely on third parties anymore. Another cool thing about Brave? The layout of the browser is clean and simple, which means no tech skills are needed!

Signal messenger

9 best Android Apps: Editor's Pick
9 best Android Apps: Editor’s Pick

This is an excellent Android app for instant messaging – it’s a little different from what you might be used to, but the security features and encryption are worth looking into. The signal can make voice calls too if that’s your thing.

The signal is a free app for Android and iOS. The service offers end-to-end encryption of your messages in addition to its other features, which include sending pictures and videos through Signal’s servers as opposed to SMS or MMS on your carrier network – this means it won’t appear in your text message inbox when someone sends you something via Signal.

This makes it perfect if you’re looking for an alternative way to communicate with friends or family securely over android apps without having anyone else know about what you’ve said (or if they do see things, then there will be no incriminating evidence). And because all communication between devices using signal is encrypted end to end.

Microsoft lens

9 best Android Apps: Editor's Pick
9 best Android Apps: Editor’s Pick

Microsoft lens is a very useful android app when it comes to searching for the best android apps out there. We have had experience with this android app in the past, and we can say that it has been incredibly helpful with our technology needs. Microsoft lens will allow you as a user to quickly find any information about an object or product, from its price to reviews on how well it performs so that you know whether this would be something worth investing your time into before making such a large purchase.

The other great thing about using Microsoft’s lens is that no internet connection is needed- all of its features are completely offline! This makes it perfect for those traveling abroad without phone service who want more than just their Google map and translate language applications at hand to help them out. One of our favorite features is the way in which it integrates with other android apps- for example, if you are using your camera and use Microsoft lens to find reviews on a restaurant that you’re passing by, all restaurants in your field of view will be tagged with their review score so that you can easily tell what’s worth looking into!

Google Keep

9 best Android Apps: Editor's Pick
9 best Android Apps: Editor’s Pick

Google Keep is a mobile app for android that lets users take notes, set reminders, and create lists. The best aspect of the Google Keep app is its simplicity in design–users can use basic features to quickly enter information or edit previous entries while on the go. One downside to this software though is the lack of formatting options available, which may disappoint some users who are looking for more advanced editing abilities such as bolding text, italicizing words, or adding bullet points. Overall, Google Keep has minimal but powerful functionality with an intuitive interface, making it one of our experts’ top picks when it comes to android apps! It’s simple enough, so even grandma could figure out how to use it.


9 best Android Apps: Editor's Pick
9 best Android Apps: Editor’s Pick

Snap seed app is a powerful photo editor with an intuitive, touch-friendly interface. It’s developed by Nik Software, and it offers advanced editing tools to add effects and adjust your photos’ exposure, contrast, saturation, and more. The best part? You can use the undo function to go back if you make a mistake!

The Snapseed android app has been downloaded over 12 million times from Google Play Store. With its features such as selective brush for spot corrections of lightening or darken specific areas in an image; HDR mode that allows users to create high dynamic range images with just one click; tilt-shift effect gives people new ways to manipulate their perspectives on scenes like architecture or landscape photography – this android app definitely deserves its ranking of #14 in the android app store.

What’s great about this android photo editing software is that it has the ability to make adjustments, filters, and edits on photos without losing image quality or color accuracy. If you are looking for an android app with a user-friendly interface – The snapseed android app might be your best bet! It also offers powerful tools such as selective brush (for spot corrections of lightening or darken specific areas) and HDR mode (which allows users to create high dynamic range images).

The only downside? Users have reported experiencing crashes when using some features like Frame Effect Tool.

Google Files

Google Files is a storage app for android users. It allows you to store your files in one place, and view them on any android device with the Google Files application installed. You can also access files from other devices via this app’s website interface at

It works with Google Drive and lets you store your files securely in the cloud. It supports android phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and PCs running Windows or OSX. You can sign in to this app using a Gmail account that is linked to your Google Drive storage plan. This means that all of your PC documents will be available for access on any android device by signing in to the application with the same login credentials.

Google Files does not delete old versions automatically from its cache after uploading new ones – instead, they are stored indefinitely and visible under the ‘Recycle Bin’ tab once downloaded onto an android device. If a file has been deleted manually but then accidentally moved back into the Recruit bin folder (or if it was un-archived) it is not possible to restore this file as Google Files does not provide a way of deleting files from the recycle bin.

MX Player

MX Player is an Android app that lets you play any video file format, from anywhere on the internet. It’s a great player for all your android devices and it has support for subtitles as well!


– Supports multiple formats including MKV container with H264/AAC or MPEG-TS inside (no need to convert files) – Dual Audio streams in MPX format supported. You can set different audio streams for each language or turn them off completely if desired. The movies will be played back according to the default stream selection order of HEVC(h265), H264, MPEG-TS, AVI… Or they can be altered simply by dragging one above another within your “Preferred stream order” list.

– Supports multiple languages including Arabic, Romanian, Indonesian and Thai – Subtitles can be in any of the following formats: SMI (Soft subtitle), ASS/SSA (Advanced Substation Alpha) with full styling supported, MPL_TEXT format (.MPL). You can also load a file without embedded subtitles by using ‘External’ as the source type. It will automatically convert your desired language to match that of the videos if it is currently available for download on MX Player servers; AVI files are not yet supported! – Playback speed control lets you slow down audio or video playback speed within certain limits to help learn a foreign language easier or just understand what happened more clearly when watching the news.

– Playback in both portrait or landscape mode with the best screen aspect ratio – Multitouch support for pinch zoom, pan, and scroll on videos playback

– Easy to use built-in media player: supports a wide range of subtitle formats (e.g., SRT/SSA), keyboard shortcuts, fast-forward / backward controls by dragging left/right edges anywhere on video clip.

– Captions are now supported! Turn them off if you don’t need them, but they’re really useful for hearing impaired people among others who just want to turn subtitles ON without having it selected as an external source. You can also change caption font size up to 36px from its default 16px using a slider control next time you select Captions from the menu.

– MX Player is FREE to download and use, but it has ads and may show banners or other commercial messages from time to time. You can upgrade to the PRO version, which removes all these advertisements for a small fee (e.g., $24/year).

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