Monday, May 16, 2022

Telegram app to add group video calling feature in its new update

Telegram app to add group video calling feature in its new update HalfofThe
Telegram app to add group video calling feature in its new update HalfofThe

Telegram app has added group video calls to its latest update. With the latest version of telegram’s iOS, Android, and desktop apps, users can turn their group voice conversations into video group calls. They have also added an option to pin one of the caller’s videos feed to the screen so that they stay front and center even as new participants join the call and user’s can share their screen as well.

They have provided an option to share the user’s camera feed and screen at the same time. Currently, group video calls are limited to the first 30 people who join a voice chat, but the telegram announced that it will increase the count soon as it expands voice chats to support live events and other new features.

Telegram app group video call features:

We can take part in group video calls on the phone as well as on tablets, computers, and laptops. Telegram will take advantage of the additional screen real estate the host device offers to give a better view of everything that appears. Especially, on tablets, we can open a side panel to see a split-screen view with both a grid of video participants and a list of everyone in the call. Not even counting the fact Telegram is adding group video calls later than many of its rivals, it’s been a long wait for the feature to come to the messaging app.

Telegram promised to release this update by the end of 2020 in April but never did. Now almost a year after its announcement, Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov said the company would release the new feature sometime in May. Telegram missed that deadline too, but now that group video calling is finally in the app, many avid Telegram users will appreciate the addition.

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