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Google Fi's built-in VPN is available for iPhone users now HalfofThe
Google Fi's built-in VPN is available for iPhone users now HalfofThe

Google Fi’s built-in VPN is now live for Apple iPhone users. The service was originally only available to Android phone owners, but the company has finally rolled out support for iPhones as well. In a recent Twitter comment, Google announced that the VPN would be coming to iOS in addition to its current features of “dynamic forwarding and static IP addresses.”

What does Google Fi’s built-in VPN do?

The VPN provides security and privacy by encrypting your connection. When connected to the Google Fi network, it also changes your phone’s IP address so that you can access geo-restricted content or services in countries where they are not available. It does all this without slowing down your internet speeds thanks to its built-in optimization technology for mobile networks.

Google in its recent tweet mentioned they are making this built-in VPN feature available to all iPhone users, and it will start rolling out to all users in the next coming weeks. Google’s response to a user’s question on, when can he expect to see this update “Hey, thanks for following up with us! We aren’t updating every user all at once. But the update will be widely available to users over the coming weeks. You can read more about it on our Community page here:

Recently, Apple announced a built-in VPN feature for iPhone users and bundled it with iCloud service calling it iCloud plus, with no additional cost to current or new users. But, iCloud plus service is more focused on providing privacy to users, unlike Google’s VPN features. The iCloud Plus subscription service allows you to store your photos, videos, and documents in the cloud using Apple’s iCloud servers. You can also use it for backing up your iPhone data on iOS devices or Macs – but Google Fi’s built-in VPN does not offer this feature.

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